An Introduction to Hosted VoIP PBX

The cost of a traditional PBX system can be prohibitive for small businesses. Yet, there comes a time when a growing business must expand its phone system. When there are several employees working the phones, having a receptionist yell across the room when someone calls one of them is both impractical and unprofessional. The solution is clearly to upgrade the phone system to one that allows each person to have a direct extension.

One of the best ways to avoid the costs associated with traditional PBX systems is to choose the more modern option: Hosted VOIP PBX. These systems save money in several ways, all while providing the functionality you need to take your office to the next level. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

No Big Hardware Investment

Traditional PBX systems require the purchase of the physical devices that make them run. This can involve a very substantial investment. Hosted VoIP PBX, on the other hand, is controlled by a system that you or your IT administrator accesses online. All of the controlling hardware is owned by the provider, so you don’t have to invest a thing in this area.

Since VoIP sends voice communications over the internet, you also don’t have to invest in expensive business phone sets. While you can use them if you have them, you have other options if you don’t. You can send calls to employees’ computers and give them headsets and microphones or you can have calls routed to cell phones.

More Mobility

A traditional landline-based system requires users to be within the cord range of a wired phone. This may be fine for your in-office personnel, but it’s no good for traveling salespeople, remote workers, or anyone who is out of the office during your regular business hours.

Thanks to the ability to route VoIP calls to cell phones, you are no longer tethered to a phone. Simply put the cell phone number into the online interface, assign it an extension, and you’re good to go. You and your employees will be able to handle calls that come to the office in any place you can get a good cell signal. The cell phones themselves can be personal ones or you can pick up inexpensive phones that you dedicate only to business use. Having business-only phones will help ensure that calls to your company are answered appropriately.


Changing a physical PBX system requires technical expertise, and if you don’t have a suitable technician on staff, you have to bring in an outside expert to do the work. Either way, this makes the process of adding or removing extensions time-consuming and costs money as well. With a hosted VoIP PBX, this problem is eliminated. All you need to do to change things is log into your account and click the right buttons.

Since hosted VoIP doesn’t use phone lines, you also don’t have to worry about installing new wiring when you add staff members. The modern office provides phone employees with computers, and hosted VoIP will work through their internet connections.

Freedom From the Landline Company

Hosted VoIP, as mentioned just above, uses internet connections to work. This means you can fire “the phone company” altogether. Instead, your in-office connections will be through cable or another wired broadband internet. You can also use your Wi-Fi or your area’s 4G signal to give your cell phones good wireless connections.

Thanks to the advances in VoIP technology over the last several years, a good VoIP provider offers the same level of clarity as a landline. This ensures that your business will sound completely professional with its new hosted VoIP PBX system. To learn more, just contact us. We’ll be happy to recommend the perfect providers for your company’s needs.

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