Business VOIP Features That Can Help Customer Relationships

With recent statistics showing 1/3 of all businesses now use VoIP technology to handle their phone services, there isn’t any better time to upgrade your phone system. Business VOIP providers are plentiful, though features differ, as do particular needs for large and small businesses. However, all VoIP services help bring you something landline phones can’t always handle well: Creating better customer relationships.

As the business world becomes more complicated, having better customer service is one way to keep morale high. It’s becoming increasingly impossible to deal with customer demands when you have a corded landline phone on every desk. Plus, when your call agents need to pass on information to customers, they can’t leave the desk very easily without excessive wait times.

This doesn’t include the excessive bills you’re accruing with long phone calls, perhaps some internationally. It doesn’t help if your employees have to use mobile devices to move around, only to rack up considerable minutes and huge cell phone bills.

All of this cuts into how you nurture customer relationships, yet VoIP turns this around.

Routing Calls to the Right Place

When customers call into your company, they don’t want protracted methods on talking to the right department. Even if it seems everyone accepts this in government entities, it shouldn’t happen if you’re a federal or state agency.

VoIP systems amend this by giving you a digital assistant that helps lead callers to where they need to go. It’s a faster process than any other procedure available through a landline service. This also leads to faster response times because you can create extensions under one number to numerous departments.

Doing this allows one of your employees to answer immediately and not leave the customer frustrated. Nevertheless, if there is a waiting period, all VoIP providers give you professional wait messages and music.

Immediate Call Data

Cloud VoIP is a popular option now because you can store so much more data. Storing call data is important so you don’t have to rely on paper-based systems or playing risk with your own server. In the latter case, you already have a major expense on maintenance. With paper, it’s easy to lose documents while having to find on-site storage space.

Not readily having data available during business calls makes calls go longer than you probably want. It also frustrates the customer having to wait while an employee tracks down a specific piece of data.

VoIP through the cloud lets a call agent call up data immediately on a computer screen for easy access. Now they can parlay thorough information to the customer without having to search for it.

Likewise, you and your other employees can look up customer information at any time on your mobile devices. All data in the cloud has accessibility 24/7 from an Internet connection.

Extensions for Inbound and Outbound Calls

If your employees complain about being stuck in the office, you can finally let them move out of the office and work from home using VoIP technology. Through extensions, you can use your business number for inbound and outbound calls from your company’s mobile devices.

Now your employees can make or take calls to customers while at home using your VoIP system’s features. When your employees need to work with customers closely, they can do so in a (hopefully) more peaceful environment away from the office. Ultimately, it helps customer relationships while letting your employees have more freedom and comfort.

No matter where you use VoIP, it works symbiotically to help customers and yourself. Happier customers on the phone lead to more loyalty and trust.

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