Business VoIP: For Better and Affordable Communication with Employees and Customers

Searching for a business VoIP provider is no easy task when the options are incredibly wide in scope. If you’ve done any online research lately on VoIP for your business, you likely ran across hundreds of different providers all claiming they’re the right choice for you. The fact is, it’s impossible to know which provider is the best unless you have a knowledgeable source doing more thorough research for you.

Here at, we can help you make the right choice, despite any VoIP option being a smart investment. Out of any investment choices you make for the coming year, investing in VoIP is the smartest thing you can do.

As part of your investment, you’ll not only improve telecommunications with your employees, but also enhance communication with customers. Those elements are only part of why VoIP experts deemed this year “The Year of VoIP” due to its exponential growth in companies worldwide.

That growth is only spawning more VoIP providers you have to choose from. With that in mind, we’ll show you how much a VoIP solution can help you find better and affordable communication in numerous ways. No more do you have to feel frustrated trying to connect everyone in a large company.

Improving Communication with Your Employees

As the business world becomes more intensely competitive, you need to stay connected with your team to keep up with major business projects and general operations. If you still rely on landline phones to communicate with every department, you already know how difficult it is to talk to someone immediately. While cell phones are always handy, they can get expensive when you have to use them every hour of the day.

With a VoIP solution, everything gets connected through your existing Internet line. This means using easier extensions to reach your staff wherever they are rather than calling different department numbers.

They can work from home or out in the field, and you can reach them easily in real-time through voice conferencing, and even video conferencing. Voice mails become easily accessible through the cloud so they never miss an important message from you.

With conferencing, especially, you can all work on projects and get everyone on board to share ideas. This already saves you money because you save time having to travel back to your company headquarters for business meetings.

Improving Communication with Customers

Communication with your customers improves tenfold, especially for inbound calls. All VoIP services provide features like digital assistants that professionally help lead callers to the right departments without being put on hold. An employee working on a customer lead can have instant connection to a customer without having to call from their office.

Customers aren’t missed this way, and calls get routed to the right place immediately to eliminate frustrations. With these features, you can gain the respect of any new customers who’ve grown weary of long hold times in other companies.

Even more so, you have complete access to phone data in the cloud when customers call in. When those people call in as follow-ups on a previous call, you can have all the data you need so an employee in a call center knows what’s transpired.

All customers appreciate this over having to supply information all over again to a new call center operator. Using these tactics only creates more trust from your customers in knowing they’ll always have good phone service when calling you.

It’s time you see for yourself why this year (and next year) is truly the year of VoIP without paying a fortune. With flat rates every month, it’s the most affordable tech option available for all businesses

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