Born of humble beginnings, FreedomVoice was one of the first virtual telephony providers to bring toll-free calling and service to the United States. Since 1996, the company has continued an upward trend and now delivers innovative solutions designed to help businesses enhance their professional image, improve efficiencies and drive measurable results.

  • The Pros

    • Interactive automated attendant provides a professional greeting and directs callers to the correct person, department or extension.
    • Customizable greeting that can be used to inform callers of special promotions, events, sales, office locations, hours, and more.
    • Callers can be forwarded to any pre-defined number or department and then routed to voicemail if the call is not answered in a specific timeframe.
    • Customized hold music.
    • Call forwarding settings can be changed easily using the interactive web portal.
    • FreedomVoice doubles as a fully functioning online fax service through WebLINK. Faxes sent to the business are stored as PDF files.
    • User-friendly, online control panel, known as WebLINK, allows system administrators to easily manage the entire hone system, check messages, add or remove users and assign privileges. Administrators can also retrieve voicemails, faxes and view billing information.
    • 30-day free trial
    • Three platforms to choose from
  • The Cons

    • Some users have reported longer than average wait times when attempting to connect with customer support.
    • Unusual customer support times: The company is only available via telephone from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
    • A per minute billing structure that may result in hefty calling charges. The largest package available comes with 2500 minutes for 100 employees, meaning that each employee is only allocated 25 minutes a month. Additional minutes are billed at 3.9 cents per minute. This may not seem like much, but when you factor in a 10 minute phone call, at 3.9 cents a minute, this is still $39.00 – imagine that over the course of a month, with multiple employees.
  • The Plan

    FreedomStart ($9.95/mth)

    • Geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses (those with fewer than 10 employees)
    • Maximum of 10 voicemail boxes
    • 300 minutes, additional minutes billed at 4.9 cents / minute
    • Maximum of 1 toll-free or local calling number
    • Features include automated attendant, find me – follow me, call queuing, call screening, online fax
    • Voicemail – to – email
    • WebLINK

    FreedomEdge ($24.95 / mth)

    • Geared towards business with 11 – 25 employees
    • Maximum of 25 voicemail boxes
    • 1000 minutes, additional minutes billed at 4.5 cents / minute
    • Includes all of the same features as FreedomStart

    FreedomSuite ($59.95 / mth)

    • Geared towards business with up-to 100 employees
    • Maximum of 100 voicemail boxes
    • 2500 minutes, additional minutes are billed at 3.9 cents / minute
    • Includes all of the same features as the other plans
    • Includes a toll-free or vanity number
    • Includes a professional automated attendant, with an intuitive dial-by-name directory


FreedomVoice provides a fair amount of business enhancing features designed to help businesses strengthen their professional image, while optimizing efficiencies and driving strong customer satisfaction. The system is customizable, allowing users to tailor the solution to best meet their needs, and offers a greater degree of flexibility than many leading competitors.

On the downside, many potential customers are swayed by the higher than normal per-minute calling charges. Companies failing to closely monitor usage may find themselves unpleasantly surprised by costly bills at the end of the month. That combined with the limited availability of customer service may make it necessary to proceed with caution.

Overall Rating 3.0

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