Using Hosted VOIP Systems When Relocating Your Business

One thing about running a business is that growth is always inevitable. The problem is far too many of those businesses don’t prepare enough for their growth, especially when it requires moving to a new location. What makes this more challenging is when having extensive and bulky equipment to transport to another place.

It’s here where hosted VOIP can save extensive time and effort, plus give better features when deciding to expand elsewhere. What might surprise you, however, is how many businesses aren’t even aware hosted VoIP exists?

Recent evidence shows 72% of people don’t know what hosted VoIP is, even if they’ve heard the term “VoIP” before. Perhaps you don’t know either if you had no idea VoIP had so many options.

The beauty of a hosted platform is being able to have a dedicated team behind the scenes providing your phone services. VoIP works strictly through an Internet line, which already gives you convenience when you have to move elsewhere.

Eliminating All the Heavy Equipment

If you’re stuck using landline phones, you know about how obtrusive they are, as well as a pain to discard or replace. During a business move, you’ll have to disconnect each phone and pack them away in separate boxes. Then it involves time-consuming unpacking, having them installed in the new building, plus possible upgrades.

All of this can add up to a tremendous cost with plenty of downtimes. It’s not just landline phones adding to the moving cost either. You may have other phone equipment you’ve used for a while like numerous mobile devices and routers.

All of these require extra time to set up in a new location with inevitable technical glitches. A hosted VoIP platform doesn’t need any equipment and operates immediately once you get your Internet connection back on.

The only equipment you’d have to transport are wireless headsets that are extremely lightweight and easily replaceable without extra cost.

Using VoIP with Scalability

Once you relocate, you’ll probably want to expand your phone systems to reflect your sudden growth. A hosted VoIP solution makes this easier since it typically operates through the cloud. As such, you can expand your storage space and features immediately without needing extra setup or other devices.

Many of the features you used in your prior location stay in place while easily adding new ones when needed. Since all VoIP services frequently offer dozens of features, you can add the ones you need and remove the ones you no longer find useful.

Once again, this already removes the potential of having to add more equipment to your new office quarters. Features like a digital attendant, voicemail to email, and conferencing usually require separate equipment and devices without having VoIP service integrating it all.

Keeping Extensions on Mobile Devices

When you had VoIP at your old office location, no doubt you used the extension feature for existing mobile devices. None of this gets disrupted when you relocate. If you’re adding new mobile devices for employees to use in the field, they can get quickly added to the extension line.

This enables your entire team to keep communicating while on the go. Your employees can keep working from home and travel for business while still fielding incoming calls or outbound.

You can do the same with conferencing, which never gets disrupted in a move. No separate service (other than a camera) needs acquiring to enjoy conferencing ability. It includes voice and video ability to mimic the feel of real group meetings.

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