VoIP Misconceptions: Giving You the Truth About Quality and What You Pay

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the digital phone system you need to make it in a more challenging business world. As we head deeper into the 21st century, competition is more intense, and the demands from customers only increase. Using old landline phones to keep up at this level just isn’t workable when your employees need more extensive features to interact with customers.

No doubt you’ve heard plenty about VoIP, yet you keep hearing far too many misconceptions about it to put you on the fence. It’s time you learned the truth about what VoIP really does and put away false rumors. Whatever those rumors are about quality and price, nearly all get blown out of proportion.

As an overview, VoIP is one of the most affordable technology upgrades you can have in your workplace. It also has considerable quality, including multiple conveniences to help bring more efficiency to your company.

The important thing is smart vetting when looking for a provider. But before you look for one, take a look at what’s real about VoIP to avoid any further stigmas.

Eliminating the Misconception About Poor Sound Quality

We’re no longer in the 1990s when VoIP was just getting started and perhaps didn’t have the best audio or features available. VoIP technology has taken a flying leap forward in just the last few years to a point where its quality well supersedes anything offered by traditional phone service and cell phone carriers.

No matter what you’ve heard about audio quality, VoIP gives you the best digital sound available in the marketplace. While much of this depends on your Internet service quality, the best providers make sure your Internet connection is up to speed before you commit.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is equipment quality because the equipment doesn’t really exist. Only wireless headsets are necessary for the phone service, and these hold up extremely well while being easily replaceable. All other service works through your Internet line with call data stored in the cloud.

Eliminating the Misconception on Price

All VoIP providers are different in their pricing. Some even charge by how much you use, though the majority charge you only a flat rate per month. If you’re hearing misconceptions that VoIP isn’t any different from using a phone company, there isn’t any comparison.

Phone companies continue to charge regulatory fees, and long-distance rates aren’t as cheap as they say. When you’re a business, making calls internationally can start to build considerably.

This doesn’t include any cell phone bills you accrue over a month’s time. Because many of your employees are likely out in the field, using their smartphones constantly could mean thousands of dollars.

VoIP charges aren’t anywhere near what you’d pay to the above companies. In many cases, you get unlimited calling around the world for only half as much as what you’d pay with landline service.

Eliminating Misconceptions About Set-Up

Changing over to new technology is sometimes daunting when it involves using bulky and complex equipment. VoIP eliminates this, which means switching over to the technology occurs within a short time. The only task you’ll have is removing your old landline phones from every desk and department.

VoIP also has a simple learning curve, mostly because many of the features are intuitive and made possible with a click of a computer button. Many features have automation, including digital assistants to help your calling customers find their way around your menus.

Contact us here at Top10VoIPList.com so we can help you find a VoIP provider right for you. We’ll prove to you how unfounded many of the misconceptions about it are.

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