What Are Consumers Looking for in VoIP Providers?

Voice Over Internet Protocol technology never gets ignored in tech media about what it’s doing to change business landscapes around the world. PCMag recently noted this through their ongoing Readers’ Choice Awards by letting consumers indicate what VoIP services are the best.

We do the same here at Top10VoIPList.com, though we do even further analysis to help you and other consumers make better decisions on choosing VoIP providers.

Going on your own, though, do you really know what consumers look for in a VoIP provider? PCMag above offered an interesting view of which companies have the best service and what features many businesses want.

One notable thing that they discovered is the amount of providers available today. With over 160 providers nominated for their compiled list, it doesn’t show the complete reality of how many are available worldwide.

When you use our services, we help you eliminate having to look for a needle in a large haystack. At the same time, we show you what’s working for other companies so you can make a more educated decision.

Let’s look at what the media says consumers look for in VoIP and why these things matter.

Reliability in Your VoIP Provider

One thing you’ll notice through the above PCMag studies is that not all VoIP providers get the highest scores. Some big names like Comcast trended a little down in how reliable they’ve been. That sets up an important aspect to VoIP providers in seeing what their reliability track records are.

Without having reliable services, it could mean your VoIP platform maybe having problems at the worst possible times. Even if you still get scalability features for growth, it means nothing if your phone system suddenly shuts down in the middle of a busy day.

We provide reliable statistics through extensive research, demos, testing, and reviews to show you which VoIP companies are the most reliable. Transparency in a VoIP provider is everything, and any one trying to cover their past mistakes can always be considered worthy of scrutiny.

Too Much Touting of Price Over Features

Consumers definitely want the best features, and they’re willing to pay more for them if it means consistent quality and reliable standards. You may find some VoIP providers out there who try to lure customers in based on a lower price scheme rather than tout superior features.

Awareness of this is key since those who play up more affordable prices frequently lack in other categories. Thankfully, the best VoIP companies don’t have wide gaps in how much more you’ll pay. In most cases, you’ll be paying only a flat rate per month, which is already more affordable than what you’d pay to a phone company.

Tech Support

Another important thing that consumers look for is reliable tech support. While all VoIP providers give some sort of technical support line, they all aren’t alike. Some are only open for limited hours. Others may not have the best technicians available to help you through issues.

The best tech lines are open 24/7 so you can call at any time when something goes wrong, including during holidays or weekends. Through cloud VoIP services, some tech support can do remote assistance to help troubleshoot or repair issues without requiring an in-person visit.

More so, having technicians who can speak at a level that’s understandable for average people is important. No one wants to talk to a technician who uses too many arcane terms to help diagnose a problem.

Let us help you find the right VoIP provider with the above attributes here at Top10VoIPList.com.

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