10 Features Businesses Gain When Using a Hosted VoIP PBX Provider

Communications is one of the largest areas of society that’s been changed by modern technologies. In the modern world, businesses and organizations have many communication methods available to manage their workforces and meet their customer service needs. The key is to optimize these methods and organize them into a central system, for streamlined management and functionality. Here are 10 features businesses gain when using a hosted VoIP PBX provider:

#1. Voicemail Transcription:

Wouldn’t it be nice to transcribe all the voicemail to email or text (or have the ability to do so)? This would be a helpful feature for certain projects, or to accommodate certain workforce preferences. Checking the voicemail isn’t feasible at times, so being able to see the content of the message through text saves time and streamlines business processes.

#2. Integration with Advanced Applications:

One main reason why businesses are switching to VoIP PBX providers (virtual or hybrid system) is because of the advanced application integration capabilities. Hosted VoIP PBX service, is a software solution that integrates with CRM and other enterprise systems. This helps businesses achieve unified communications, by tying organizational communications into core business processes.

#3. Enhanced Conferencing Capabilities:

Using a hosted VoIP PBX service, businesses gain enhanced conferencing and collaboration capabilities. Audio and video conferencing is enhanced with on-screen moderator conference controls, instant conference calls with selected emails with one click, shared through IM/ SMS/ chat, Presence to know who’s available, and more.

#4. Remote Accessibility:

Both a virtual VoIP PBX service and a hybrid hosted VoIP PBX service give businesses the many benefits of cloud and mobile computing technology. This means remote workforce and management is possible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This also means call queuing can include routing calls remotely outside and inside the office.

5. Auto-Attendant:

All calls need to be answered and organized according to their need, which is what an auto-attendant does. Managers can customize the auto-attendant’s message and allow: clients, vendors, partners, and workforce members to direct themselves to the right department. This is communication automation done with professionalism, resulting in: efficiency, customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

#6. Disaster Backup:

Businesses will benefit from the cloud based disaster backup service offered by hosted VoIP PBX providers. If on-premise data is lost for whatever unfortunate reason, workflow can continue uninterrupted by retrieving the data from the off-site cloud storage provided by their hosted VoIP PBX service.

#7. Enhanced Analytic Reporting:

Inbound and outbound call detail reports can be viewed and exported. Hosted VoIP PBX service also integrates with CRM and other analytical reporting software within business systems, adding depth and insight into how integrated systems are enhancing workflow and unified communications.

#8. Reduce Hardware and IT Maintenance:

This is another main benefit businesses gain when they switch to a hosted VoIP PBX service. The provider is hosting the PBX telephony system, so the only hardware needed is the IP phones and a router. Hosted VoIP PBX service reduces hardware needs and IT maintenance – departments that most SMBs would like to delegate anyway.

#9. Dashboard Interface Management Portal:

Hosted VoIP PBX users will find the well-designed dashboard interface, to be a conductive central place to manage and conduct unified communications. Workforce communications are simplified and enhanced, because users have a central dashboard portal with comprehensive tools for unified communications.

#10. 24/7 Ongoing Support:

Partnering with one of the Hosted VoIP PBX providers on Top10VoIPList.com, means businesses will have 24/7 technical and customer support (domestic reps). On-call customer service reps and technicians are available for clients at all times, which means there’s always an answer and solution available to solve any problems.


For many businesses and organizations, these 10 features gained with using a hosted VoIP PBX provider, are enticing reasons to call for a free consultation. Top10VoIPList.com has used our industry experience and expertise to screen and choose the top 10 hosted VoIP PBX providers. All businesses have to do is decide on making the switch, to either a hybrid or virtual VoIP PBX system. Please contact us to learn more.

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