3 Features of Business VoIP that will Improve Daily Workflow

Although businesses may be hearing all these great things about switching to VoIP telephony systems, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how it would improve day-to-day workflow. When it comes down to it, if their analog telephony systems aren’t broken, they may think: why change? The factors that eventually lead businesses to switch to VoIP telephony systems (hosted or not), generally, come from certain features they can imagine will help. Let’s examine 3 features of business VoIP that will improve daily workflow, which just may be the deciding factors for some.

    • Attendant Console
    • Voicemail to Email/ Voice to Text
    • Incoming/Outgoing Voice Recording

Attendant Console

In addition to an auto attendant, call queuing, and remote accessibility with cloud technology – business VoIP telephony also includes the helpful attendant console feature. The attendant console feature is a very practical tool for day-to-day workflow, as it shows in real-time who is: available, away from their desk, or busy.

The entire workforce can access the central VoIP dashboard, in order to monitor all team members’ availability. This streamlines customer service, team collaboration, and eliminates the hassles of interruptions.

How many times has someone called asking to talk to so and so, only for the receptionist (or whoever) to say: “I don’t know if they’re in right now, but I can forward you to their voicemail…”? Then, once the caller (vendor, partner, client, customer, etc.) is forwarded, they get a busy signal or a voicemail, thus, hanging up or calling back. This inefficiency in day-to-day workflow would be eliminated when a business has the attendant console feature, which comes with VoIP telephony.

The auto attendant feature also is very helpful for businesses that have remote team force members. Hosted business VoIP PBX systems give businesses greater remote accessibility, and managers and team force members can monitor each others’ remote availability with this helpful and practical feature.

Voicemail to Email/Voice to Text

It’s hard to imagine any business not benefiting from this helpful and practical feature of business VoIP telephony. The voicemail to email and voice to text feature is sure to streamline team force collaboration and communications. This feature allows team members to listen to voicemail from their computer or mobile device, and the voicemail can be transcribed to text for multi-channel sharing capabilities.

For instance, say a team member gets a voicemail from a vendor, who’s actually trying to talk to a different team member. The team member is away from their desk, but listens to the voicemail from their cell phone, then transcribes it to text and sends it in an email to the correct team member. Whether the voicemail is transcribed to text or just forwarded through email, the message is relayed without difficulty and business processes are streamlined for optimal efficiency.

Maybe a team member wants to share the information they received through a voicemail in a group conference call. They could take the voicemail and transcribe it to text, then send it out in a mass email to team members; when everyone is present during the business VoIP video conference call, the voicemail can be played to reiterate the text in the email – plus, giving them an email record of the important information for further project collaboration or follow-up.

Incoming and Outgoing Voice Recording

This is one of those helpful features that makes the difference when choosing business VoIP telephony, because for some businesses: being able to record incoming and outgoing calls for training and review purposes is vital. Business VoIP makes recording and managing these recordings easy, because VoIP telephony is integrated within all business systems. This means the recordings can be shared, stored, and accessed easier, as well as transcribed to text.

With this feature, businesses have more options when it comes to training, collaborating, and reviewing workforce effectiveness. These recordings may contain important information team members would like to share in a conference call; this business VoIP feature makes this simple and easy to do, even across multiple channels of communications.


Small and large businesses, alike, are switching over to business VoIP telephony solutions, because of these helpful features and many more; especially, hosted business VoIP PBX, which streamlines workflow even further. The good news is business VoIP PBX telephony systems are affordable, adaptable, and customizable for each business’s unique needs.

Top10VoIPList understands the many benefits of business VoIP telephony, and has taken the time to research, investigate, and vet the best providers available. Nextiva is at the top of the list for many good reasons, three of which we’ve discussed in this article. These helpful features and many more are sure to streamline any business’s workflow processes, in order to reach unified communications and maximize their potential. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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