3 Keys to Better Business Collaboration

When teams are able to effortlessly share information and ideas for a common goal, it increases the odds of great things happening. This is the power of effective collaboration the foundation of any successful business. While it is the key to building a profitable business, it can be difficult to achieve. Here are three keys for better business collaboration:

1. Build Systems that Encourage Real Time Communication

Delay in sending or receiving information in real time may be the one critical element that prevents your company from completing a project on time. Using video conferencing facilities, like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications, you can hold important visual meetings with clients or employees working in different geographic locations. All this can be done without the planning and travel costs associated with an in-person meeting.

Moreover, with video conferencing you can see and hear your team members. Seeing your colleague adds a whole new level of mutual understanding to the discussion. This leads to better communication and fewer misunderstandings and speeds up decision making.

2. Make Everyday Business Processes Simpler 

How does your company collaborate on document edits? Suppose an employee saves a file and sends it to another for review. This can lead to multiple versions and the headache of identifying which one is up-to-date. File sharing and simultaneous file-editing technology can help your employees work on a document simultaneously and collaborate over web, video or instant messaging.

If your business uses customer relationship management applications, these can be integrated with VoIP applications. This makes it easy for different teams to access important customer data while talking with a potential client or customer, enhancing your company’s level of customer service.

3. Facilitate Sharing of Information

Traditional voice calls are good for holding a quick conversation to clarify issues, discuss critical problems or brainstorm on ideas. However, it is not easy to record such conversations or replay them for a bigger audience at a later stage. What’s more, recording devices are expensive.

Using VoIP calls, on the other hand, can facilitate easy access to conversations. VoIP applications allow far easier recording and sharing of video and voice conversations over traditional phones at a fraction of the cost.

VoIP recordings are also more reliable and safe as the data is stored on the cloud. You never have to worry about losing your data due to hardware damage or misplacement and can access it from anywhere through an internet connection.

VoIP is also cheaper as there is no need to install new phone lines. In today’s world where teams and clients are spread across the world, VoIP calls are far less expensive than making traditional international calls. All you need is a laptop or just your phone and a VoIP application to make these calls. No additional hardware costs are involved.

VoIP calls also use end-to-end encryption to transfer data, making it more secure and suitable to hold confidential conversations than traditional phone lines.

Collaboration between your employees is simple to achieve if easy and reliable communication processes are built into a company’s everyday systems. This can go a long way in building team spirit and showing how each employees work contributes to the overall team effort, thereby creating a stronger workforce and a profitable business.

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