3 Ways Hosted VoIP Analytics Improves Business Strategy

Harnessing the power of big data is one of the biggest trends in business strategy today; interpreting the meaning of this data is, mostly, being facilitated by analytical reporting. The results of this automated, digital interpretation is creating what’s called business intelligence (BI) – used to develop and measure strategic plans and their outcomes. In context of UC (main strategic factor), let’s look at 3 ways hosted VoIP improves business strategy:

    • Clarification through Visualization
    • Gamification for Incentive
    • Multi-Level Depth Reporting Capabilities

On-Premise VoIP vs. Cloud VoIP Analytics

On-premise VoIP PBX systems do have analytics, yet cloud VoIP analytics has more integration and remote capabilities. This means, businesses using cloud/hosted VoIP telephony systems have more ability and tools to access and share analytical data vs. on-premise VoIP PBX telephony systems; also, cloud VoIP includes automatic updates and more robust data disaster back-up capabilities (in the cloud).

Clarification through Visualization

Visualization is defined by Wikipedia as: “…any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message.” Or, in other words; graphs, charts, wallboards, scorecards, etc., which are found within VoIP analytics. In the modern world, visualization is the most effective method to clarify complex thoughts for business strategy.

VoIP analytics focuses on every detail of the calls coming in and going out, who made them, how long, where they were made, voice recordings, length, etc. Every detail involved with a business’s calls is measured and represented in brilliant, easy to read visualization reports. The centralized dashboard interface gives the entire workforce access to these VoIP analytics from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Strategic business planning is enhanced when team members have clarification through visualization of key analytical reports. Meetings, project planning, management think tanks, and other strategic business planning sessions – will gain a unified understanding of business goals, which creates a cohesive and collaborative effort toward clarified objectives.

Gamification for Incentive

One major benefit of hosted VoIP analytics is being able to deploy gamification for optimal employee engagement and accountability. Gamification turns the drudgery of daily workflow into a fun, exciting environment; when employees have incentives for performing well (measured with customized objectives), quality and productivity will increase for businesses.

According to industry leading hosted VoIP provider Nextiva:

“Businesses with engaged employees have…”

    • 18% Higher Productivity
    • 27% Lower Absenteeism
    • 12% Higher Profitability
    • 31% Lower Turnover

Businesses, generally, want to reward their employees somehow anyway, so why not use hosted VoIP analytical tools to fairly measure their performance through automation? This strategy is sure to enhance the day-to-day business environment, and the stats shared above are compelling reasons to employ gamification incentives.

Multi-Level Depth Reporting Capabilities

The multi-level depth of hosted VoIP analytics is helpful for managers in all industries, to find the relevant data for specific functions. For instance, businesses have access to comprehensive activity overviews, or break downs for: individual users, locations, times, call groups, phone numbers, and more. The depth, features, and tools within the VoIP software are expansive and robust, giving businesses the ability to explore detailed UC processes and their outcomes.

Custom reporting capabilities are available within VoIP analytics, as well, giving business the ability to create specific data reports for projects, group users, or any other unique UC function. Business can: compare, contrast, relate, and clarify performance and outcome objectives, with multi-level depth reporting with customization capabilities. These reports can then be easily shared and accessed for unified collaboration.


Harnessing the power and usefulness of big data is on the minds of businesses and organizations within every industry in 2016. After examining the features and capabilities businesses gain with hosted VoIP analytics, it’s not hard to understand why this is true. These 3 ways hosted VoIP analytics improves business strategy, are compelling reasons for businesses to make the switch to hosted VoIP PBX telephony systems.

While certain industries benefit more from analytics (specifically for UC), all businesses and organizations benefit from enhancing their strategy and productivity. The amazing part is: hosted VoIP saves businesses money and includes many more benefits than, simply, analytics. Interested in learning more? Please contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

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