3 Ways SMBs Can Find the Right Business VoIP Provider

Since cloud and mobile computing technologies have become so prevalent in business systems, business VoIP telephony has been the preferred choice over analog telephony systems. Most businesses have or are in the process of adapting to some form of business VoIP, whether on-premise, virtual, or hybrid.

With all the rapid advances in technology and the myriad of variables involved within each business, many SMBs are searching for clarity around this issue. In an effort to help, here are 3 ways SMBs can find the right business VoIP provider:

    • Personalized Matches
    • Centralized Reviews/Research/Resources
    • Risk-Free, Money Back, No Contract Trial

#1. Personalized Matches:

The main reason Top10VoIPList exists is to help businesses find the right VoIP provider for their specific business needs. One of the ways this is accomplished is by offering SMBs prescreened matches through our QuoteMatch tool, which gives personalized results based upon specific needs, goals, and budgets.

QuoteMatch will screen through thousands of providers, in order to find the prescreened matches that fit each business the best. This is a simple and easy way to narrow down the providers that offer the services needed at the price desired. Not all providers are the same, some are designed for call centers, while others are designed for small offices, etc. This is why it’s important to use a third-party source because providers won’t divulge their vertical audience as readily.

SMBs of all types, sizes, and levels of technological expertise are trying to find the right business VoIP provider, or, simply, trying to understand what VoIP is and why they should make the switch. Top10VoIPList is a place where all SMBs can come and get their questions answered – whether in-depth or simple. We’ve done the vetting and research already, then compiled it on our website in an easy to understand format.

From our site, businesses can: learn what on-premises or virtual VoIP is, read reviews from customers, examine the comparison charts we’ve compiled within our top 10 lists, read industry research articles, and even request a free no-pitch consultation from a VoIP expert. Instead of spending days trying to gather the information needed to make an informed choice, businesses can find all the information they need here at Top10VoIPList in minutes or hours.

After using our QuoteMatch tool, examining the resources available, and talking with a VoIP expert, businesses should be ready to jump in and try out a provider. Businesses can choose a provider that offers no contracts and has a money-back guarantee, in order to assure a risk-free trial. Almost all the top providers on our lists offer money back with no contracts.

SMBs can get their feet wet and try out a provider through a demo, or for the first month with a money-back, no contract trial – basically risk-free. Sometimes, the only way to truly tell if a service is needed or useful is to try it out, and this can be done risk-free with almost all of the providers on our lists.


Business VoIP telephony systems offer SMBs a great way to enhance their communications and save money, yet not all providers are the same; trusting the telephony system to a substandard provider is something to avoid. This is why Top10VoIPList is here, to help SMBs find the best provider suited for their specific business needs.

Top10VoIPList has researched and vetted thousands of VoIP providers, in order to narrow down the best and make choosing a provider simple and easy for businesses. Our services are completely free, and we even offer a free no-pitch consultation, so SMBs can have the information needed to make the right choice for their business VoIP provider. Please contact us today to learn more.

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