3 Ways VoIP Can Make Businesses Money

There’s a lot of talk about how VoIP can save businesses money, which is true, yet can it also make them money? There may be a tendency for modern businesses to look at the cost of their communications as the main metric to consider, perhaps, taking for granted just how integral these mediums are overall on the profit sheet. In an effort for the right perspective to prevail, let’s examine 3 ways virtual VoIP can make businesses money.

#1. Customer Service and Satisfaction:

Now, keep in mind, these are ways to specifically make businesses money, rather than saving them money (overall costs, streamlined processes creating efficiency, etc.). With that said, virtual VoIP will make businesses money with improved customer service and satisfaction. This may be a largely intangible metric, although, the results will show up in increased sales and referrals.

When businesses are using virtual VoIP telephony, customers will notice the difference in many ways, whether they attribute it to VoIP or just better service. Businesses will have more tools and features within the phone system to serve their customers better, quicker, and with more expertise. For instance, CRM integration, voice mail to email, mobile accessibility to central VoIP interface, expanded call queuing capabilities, and even music on hold.

Businesses will begin to see a difference in their customers’ overall satisfaction, creating loyalty and referrals. Loyal customers and the unsolicited influencer marketing gained from them, will both make businesses money – thanks to the virtual VoIP system used.

#2. Employee Retention and Recruitment:

This is a mix between saving businesses money and making them money, yet, really, what’s the difference? The main benefit here is: offering top talent the modern technologically advanced UC tools they’ve come to expect. A business is only as good as the people who operate it, which means businesses want to appeal to the best candidates in every way possible, including with updated UC tools.

Top talent employees make businesses money in many ways, as does retaining them. When employees have modern, updated UC tools available at work, they’ll have the tools needed to grow and be the best at what they do. Content and satisfied employees are more productive and create a more inviting atmosphere for recruitment and retention – both will make and save businesses money.

#3. Expanded Services from Additional Features:

Virtual VoIP provides businesses with additional features beyond analog telephony, which could be used to expand their services; they could charge more for an optimized service or create a new service completely. For instance, off hours call queuing with remote mobile capabilities would allow businesses to offer off-hours remote technical availability to customers for an extra cost.

Businesses with virtual VoIP could employ location-specific remote workforce members, and then offer customers location specific expertise, while facilitating the connection through call queuing at any time 24/7. Expanded conferencing features could be used for subscription based presentations, live reporting/streaming, remote availability, or expanding the amount of people involved.

The type of expanded services businesses could offer with virtual VoIP depends on: the type of business, their ability to develop innovative strategies, and the type of provider/service chosen. Whatever the situation, virtual VoIP has the ability to make businesses money by expanding their functionality and opportunity to serve customers.


Modern advances in communications have created profitable opportunities in many ways for businesses. Today, this is taking the form of business VoIP telephony systems, bringing together holistic digital communication tools and integrating them into enterprise systems for optimal UC. Virtual VoIP is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for most businesses, saving and making them money at the same time.

These 3 ways virtual VoIP can make businesses money should be compelling enough for businesses to inquire further. Top10VoIPList has researched, tested, and vetted the top virtual VoIP providers available, in an effort to help businesses gain clarity around which one to choose. We’ve put together easy to understand comparisons and lists that detail the features and specifics of each provider, so businesses can make a fitting decision. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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