3 Ways Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression

Is your business making a great first impression? According to a study published in the Association for Psychological Science, psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov found it only takes one-tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger based on their face. That means your entire first impression could be cemented in the blink of an eye.

Businesses may fair better with first impressions as they cater to customers’ needs and vie for repeat business. But consumers are still judging businesses on everything from what type of customer service channels they offer to the design of their website. Don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to form a great first impression that keeps your customers coming back for more.  Here are three ways to get started.

Know Your Audience

You may know what your audience wants when they walk through your doors, but do you know why? Take the time to learn the pain points, successes and trends of your audience to better cater to their needs and offer hyper-relevant services.

Your branding can also take a cue from how well you know your audience. Nike posts spectacular photos of landscapes with athletic people using their products on Instagram, making them one of the top brands on the channel. The company successfully connects with its core audience by using a platform known for visually compelling content. Nike is also well aware that Instagram’s biggest demographic is between 18 to 29, and has a healthy disposable income. Take the time to home in on your own demographic, where they hang out and what motivates them.

Exceed Expectations

Customers expect to have their issues resolved and needs addressed. However, they don’t necessarily expect to be awed. Exceed your customer’s expectations from the moment they call pick up the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail, or organize your call center of VoIP support to pick up after three or four rings with a helpful message. Empower your customer service reps to make decisions based on both the good of the company and customer’s happiness. Not being transferred 10 times to get a simple answer could boost your testimonials and online reviews.

Offer a clean, responsive website design that works as well on a laptop as it does a smartphone. Include a phone number on every page so clients and investors know exactly how to get in touch with you. A live chat option can assist those with customer service issues for immediate results. For added value, produce a blog with useful tips and in-depth content to establish yourself as a go-to resource in your industry.


Focus on building long-lasting relationships with colleagues, partners and customers instead of your bottom line. Ask each person you encounter to tell you about themselves and what they need. Validate their frustrations and congratulate them on their successes. Brands are already taking advantage of the power of social media and online forums to listen closer. Best Buy uses customer reviews to inform their decision making and shares the information with vendors. They also let their customers know how valued their opinions are by rewarding them with points for completing reviews that can be used for purchases.

Make your customers feel valued by being highly engaged and intensely interested in their experience. It will make your business more memorable and could directly impact your profits. Who doesn’t want to work with a business who treats them like a superstar over the slightly less expensive, but lackluster competitor down the street?


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