4 Benefits of Using Nextiva Cloud VoIP for Education

There’s a great need for educational facilities to utilize the latest technologies to engage students effectively. This is especially true when it comes to communication technologies like virtual or cloud VoIP telephony. Upgrading analog telephony systems to the cloud offers educational facilities some exciting benefits. Let’s highlight a leading provider by looking at 4 benefits of using Nextiva Cloud VoIP for education.

#1. Expanded Features:

There’s a reason why Nextiva is the most recommended business and virtual VoIP provider on our lists here at Top10VoIPList.com, and the amount of expanded features available to businesses is part of this reason. Nextiva specializes in serving education as well, and has the features and capacity to deliver top quality service to any sized school.

Some of these expanded features include: access to collaboration apps, e911 availability, Nextiva vFax, Nextiva Drive, Nextiva Connect, Nextiva Analytics, Nextiva App, auto attendant, Nextiva Anywhere, music on hold, voicemail to email, plug-ins (CRM, billing, reporting), call queuing, and video conferencing.

Basically, beyond the next three benefits we’ll discuss, cloud VoIP telephony with Nextiva gives educational facilities an expanded suite of features and tools to streamline communications day-to-day. Integration with enterprise systems, add-ons, and collaborative apps – all bring endless innovation into the workplace.

#2. Enhanced Collaboration and Mobility:

From remote learning to digital roll calls, virtual VoIP will enhance communications and learning capabilities at educational facilities. The power of cloud and mobile computing will be harnessed, giving faculty and staff members the ability to collaborate remotely and on campus through multi-media applications, including voice and video conferencing.

Using cloud VoIP telephony, educators can see faculty and staff availability in real-time no matter where they’re at. Calls can be queued or transferred instantly and instant messages can be sent to select groups or everyone at once. Real-time collaboration, through office phones or mobile phones, with faculty and staff improves workplace collaboration and communication capabilities.

#3. Scalable and Flexible Growth:

Another key benefit of switching to cloud VoIP telephony systems is not hosting PBX systems in-house. The only hardware needed is a router and VoIP phones, which can often be integrated from previous systems. All updates and technical support can be accomplished remotely, and the Nextiva call center located in Arizona is available 24/7.

Nextiva has 6 redundant data centers across North America, protecting educational facilities from disasters or security threats. Exceptional up-time and free automatic upgrades always keeps schools up to date on the latest technologies in VoIP telephony. Nextiva has the capacity to grow with schools as needed, and offers scalable solutions along the way.

#4. Cost Savings:

With all these benefits, it would seem cloud VoIP telephony would cost more than analog telephony systems, right? Well, the opposite is true, which is a big reason why cloud VoIP is being adopted by so many businesses and organizations in today’s modern world. This is especially true now that VoIP has e911 availability and has proven its reliability with up-time and delivery.

Another helpful aspect is how the cost is scalable to the needs of each business or organization. In this case, the educational facility can choose the Nextiva plan that fits their needs, paying only for what features are used. Virtual VoIP also cuts out the need for hosting expenses, such as: repair, replacement, and upgrades with PBX systems.


From preschools to universities, virtual VoIP telephony offers many benefits for streamlined communications. The 4 benefits we’ve highlighted give educators an idea of the possibilities cloud VoIP telephony offers. Nextiva is a proven leader in business VoIP solutions, and has services that cater, specifically, to educational facilities.

Enhanced collaboration between faculty and staff members, mobile accessibility for remote capabilities, enhanced security and data back-up, lower telephony costs, expanded features, and keeping up with the latest technologies to engage students – are all good reasons for educational facilities to consider switching to virtual VoIP telephony solutions.

From our research, vetting, and testing of the top business VoIP providers in the country, Top10VoIPList.com recommends Nextiva for a business and virtual VoIP provider. They’ve proven their reliability with over 100,000 companies, including top educational facilities. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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