4 Signs Showing Small Businesses It’s Time to Upgrade to a VoIP Service

When starting out, small businesses are more concerned with their products and services than upgrading their phone systems, yet after some growth, pain points in communications start to emerge. Using individual cell phones along with an office landline, becomes inefficient and bulky in day-to-day workflow. Let’s examine 4 signs showing small businesses it’s time to upgrade to a VoIP service.

    • One Voice Mail for Everyone
    • Losing Customer Calls
    • Inadequate Reports and Office Communications
    • Cost is More Than Service is Worth

One Voice Mail for Everyone

Everyone has cellphones at the workplace, but the main business phone may only have one voicemail. Each staff member may have their own landline phone, but there may be only one voicemail for the entire business. With this system, getting the voicemail message to the right person or department takes excessive effort and time.

With a VoIP service, an auto attendant or call center can direct the call to the specific person or department. Each voice mail will be left in the correct department’s voicemail box, reducing any mistakes made in transferring messages and streamlining the voice messaging process.

Losing Customer Calls

Small businesses may experience high call volume at certain times, which overloads their phone system’s ability to answer them in a timely manner. Customers may get a busy signal or reach a voicemail that’s full. Basically, calls are being lost in times of high call volume, which is hurting the bottom-line.

Upgrading to a VoIP service gives businesses the ability to handle high call volume in peak seasons with: a 24/7 call center, an auto attendant, staff being able to answer calls anywhere and on any device, feature-rich dashboard interface with complete visibility of who’s available for the receptionist, call queuing, and voicemail to email. Basically, upgrading to a VoIP service gives businesses many tools to organize and capture all calls coming in at any time.

Inadequate Reports and Office Communications

On-premise landline phone systems simply don’t have the analytical tools needed for proper management. VoIP services can be integrated with CRMs and other business systems, and give detailed analytical reports about every aspect of the business’s phone activities. These clean, simple reports give managers helpful insights into their usage and needs.

Inadequate office communications with staff and field force can be a big problem for small businesses, when growing out of their landline phone system. With VoIP, plug-ins integrate unified communications with business applications, IM and other business collaboration tools (chat, SMS, etc.) can be integrated into the same interface that manages calls and contacts, the Nextiva App, instant conference calls, and unified communications with video conferencing – are all enhanced communication tools that come with a VoIP service.

Cost is More than the Service is Worth

When it comes to the bottom-line, the cost of the existing landline phone system is simply more than it’s worth at a certain point in growth. Upgrading to a VoIP service starts to make more sense because of the added features and cost savings. The main objective is partnering with a scaleable VoIP service that fits your business’s needs and can grow with it in the future.


Small businesses are local and regional and have one or multiple locations. Even if the small business only has one employee, VoIP services can offer more features and options than a landline or cell phone. VoIP services, like Nextiva, use existing phone hardware and can transfer the same numbers, so upgrading is seamless and simple.

VoIP services give businesses an affordable way to take advantage of innovative technology like cloud and mobile computing, in order to streamline communications within a workforce and with customers, partners, and vendors. Whatever the communication pain points are within a business’s growth, upgrading to a VoIP service will resolve them with streamlined efficiency and useful tools. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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