4 Things You Won’t Believe This Office Phone Service Can Do

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]usiness professionals: Your office phone service doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety! You will not believe what this business phone can do, and it can be yours.

If you ever speak to a business professional, one of their top complaints will always be their phone service.The mere mention of a business phone service will generate a range of emotions – often times negative with multiple recent examples of interactions with a customer service representative that was worse than a nightmare. At best, business professionals are frustrated with the high prices; at worst, they are on the receiving end of phone service outages and dropped phone calls.

We work with many fast-growing businesses to improve their office technology, and we can definitely say that the feeling of despair is now unnecessary. Your phone service should be a technology that makes you more successful, and something you can use to your advantage.

Here are five things about today’s business phone service that, if understood and embraced, can morph that despair into determination to turn your business phone service into a positive asset that will make you more successful.

1. Never Use a Desk Phone Again

We are a society that’s on the go. We work anywhere and everywhere. While having a phone on your desk is convenient and still possible with this phone service. Why tie yourself to a desk? Now, you can make phone calls anywhere. Plus when you’re making these business phone calls, the outgoing caller ID will not display your cell phone number so people will believe you’re in the office and not have access to your personal line.

Thanks to a mobile app, you can make phone calls, receive phone calls, even instant message chat with your colleagues. Even more, you can manage settings on your entire phone service from anywhere.

2. Deep Analytics. So You Really Know What’s Going On

We make and receive phone calls all day long. You know you’re busy and believe your colleagues are busy. But do you really know who you are speaking with? How are they finding out about your business? What times of the day and from what cities are your phone calls coming from? Which people in your company are answering calls, instead of sending calls to voicemail?

All these questions and more can now be understood with real-time analytics. Now, you can make better business decisions because you actually know what’s going on your business.

Long gone are the days of guessing or thinking you know. Analytics will open your eyes and allow you to make better business decisions. When you make better business decisions, you succeed.

3. Stop Listening to Voicemails. Read Them

Considering the year we are in and how busy we all are, do you have time to listen to voicemails and decide if you want to listen again, skip, delete, or forward? No. No one has time for that these days. Finally, you can have your voicemails transcribed for you in real-time and sent to you via text message.

Having your voicemails transcribed to text is the modern age of having an assistant telling you who called and the reason for their phone call. But instead of dealing with an assistant and the time it takes for them to get the message to you, your voicemails will be immediately sent to you via text message.

4. Everything in HD


We all have experienced dropped phone calls and garbled audio when on business phone calls. But have you ever thought about the sound quality of music on hold or the call quality of your automated greeting message? In the competitive world we live, where we all need to delivery and display service excellence to our customers, you need a phone service that’s in high definition. This phone service only has high definition.


5. You Can Try It Risk Free

If you’d like to learn more about this phone service and actually try Nextiva for your business, Nextiva offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you are not blown away with 2017’s best business phone service, you get your money back.

Visit Nextiva.com to learn more.

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