4 Tools for Traveling Entrepreneurs

Today’s entrepreneur is often on the go. 80 percent of small business owners use their mobile phone for business at least once daily, according to Manta’s SMB Wellness Index; 25 percent check it at least once an hour; and 75 percent of small business owners continue to work even while they’re on vacation. When you’re managing your business from your mobile device, you need apps that let you handle key business functions. Here are four types of tools for traveling entrepreneurs to help run a business on the go:

Calendar Scheduling

When you’re managing your business while traveling, one key to staying productive is staying on top of your schedule. Mobile calendar apps let you see your schedule at a glance, customize your calendar view, share your schedule with others and integrate with your email to import your contact list and send reminders to yourself and others. Some calendar apps come built-in to your smartphone, while others may be installed free or for a subscription fee. Today’s leading calendar scheduling apps are Google Calendar for Androids, Apple Calendar for iOS devices and Microsoft Outlook. Some apps work with these programs as extensions to offer additional features, such as entering events through natural language, adding alarm reminders for events and importing events from other apps.

Financial Management

One of the most crucial parts of running a business remotely is being able to manage your finances on your mobile device. Apps such as QuickBooks Online let you access and manage your books from anywhere. You can check your books, pay bills, send invoices and manage your payroll. Integration apps let you keep your books in sync with your point-of-sale and online transactions and inventory, digitally scan in expense reports and export your financial data into your tax preparation program. Automatic data importation and syncing saves you tons of time, and most transactions are automatically categorized for you, taking the chore out of data entry so you can focus on the core of your business. You can also see financial reports to help you make better business decisions.

Project Management

Another vital necessity for running a business on the go is being able to manage your own projects and coordinate them with your remote workforce. One of today’s popular mobile project management tools is Microsoft Project, which integrates with the Office 365 mobile productivity suite. Plan project schedules, delegate tasks, collaborate with your team, share resources and check progress updates from anywhere on your mobile device. Built-in templates help you automatically schedule your most common tasks, and project scheduling tools integrate with your calendar schedule to keep everything coordinated.


A big part of project management is communicating with your team. Today’s VoIP communication tools make it easy to keep in touch with your team members. Send text messages, hold audio or video meetings and share screens all from one interface. Conversations can integrate with your productivity suite and calendar scheduling app. Connections are protected by authentication and encryption to make sure your conversations stay confidential. You can communicate with a small group or with as many as 250 people, letting you hold events such as webinars. All participants need to join in is a phone or an internet connection.

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