5 Considerations for Choosing the Right Voice Over Internet Protocol Provider for Your Business

If your team members spend a great deal of time taking calls from other employees, clients and prospects, you might want to consider using a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. Although not the right fit for every company, there are many companies that are able to use VOIP services to their advantage and change their daily operations for the better. Since VoIP services use the internet as their backbone rather than a phone line, it is imperative that you have 24/7 high quality internet to facilitate phone calls with a decent quality and speed. Because most VoIP services offer a straight-forward package, it becomes much easier for small and medium-sized businesses to track their expenses in the long-term. There are several questions that you should ask yourself as a business owner before ditching traditional phone lines and opting for a VoIP service in order to ensure that it is a good fit at your company.

1. How important and regular are conference calls in your organization?

Although conference calls are possible with phone lines, typically each phone lines only allows two people to be connected at the same time. When you need a large number of people on a given call, the phone line expenses can add up very quickly. A VoIP service will help you because it will allow you to ensure that you are able to connect as many different parties into the conference call as needed.

2. Do you wish your phone communication setup had extra features to extend functionality?

One of the most important benefits of VoIP features is the fact that there is a lot of extended functionality available that can really revolutionize the way that your company handles phone calls and communications with other companies in your industry. VoIP systems allow you to make calls from anywhere in the world, provide tracking features that allow you to better analyze the calls that you make, and other features include caller ID, contact lists, voicemail and additional virtual numbers to give the appearance of multiple phone lines. For many companies, VoIP provides a higher quality experience that doesn’t sacrifice any of the features that they were previously accustomed to with traditional phone lines.

3. Do some of your employees telecommute?

Telecommuting has become increasingly common in recent years with the rise of high quality internet solutions and communications options. If you have employees that do a large amount of work from home, you need to make sure that you are able to keep them plugged-in and engaged with the team. VoIP solutions are perfect for ensuring that your employees are able to remotely use the voice, fax and data features that are provided by your VoIP service provider. Additionally, it makes it easy for them to communicate with the office through voice conferences. A voice over internet protocol service can really help to improve the productivity of those that work from home full-time, or a few chosen days per week.

4. Is your phone bill really putting a dent in your earnings?

Phone bills can get extremely high, especially when you need multiple phone lines and are charged for a wide range of call types. Both the software and hardware that are used with VoIP services are extremely affordable. For some companies, the initial communications setup of dozens of phone lines can cost thousands of dollars, but most of the equipment that is required for VoIP usage is already installed at the premises. All you really need is a good internet connection, a computer with a soundcard, and a headset for each employee that includes a microphone and speakers.

If you are interested in using a VoIP system for your business but want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with our team of VoIP experts.

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