5 Nextiva Office® Hosted VoIP Features that Give Remote/Mobile Functionality

One of the major reasons why businesses are adapting to hosted VoIP telephony is because it gives them remote functionality. With VoIP, workforce team members have more flexibility and capabilities in their day-to-day workflow processes, including when they’re out of the office. It’s not hard to imagine how this type of telephony upgrade is enhancing productivity for businesses in all industries. In this regard, let’s examine 5 Nextiva hosted VoIP features that give remote/mobile functionality.

    • Nextiva App
    • Nextiva Anywhere
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Team Presence
    • Conference Bridge

Nextiva App

Nextiva Office® has three hosted VoIP plans for businesses to choose from, the Nextiva App comes with the second and third options: Office Pro Plus and Office Enterprise. The Nextiva App is the central portal where remote work functions are accomplished. Native apps are easier to access, faster, have offline functionality, and contain specific tools to help workforce members function out of the office from any mobile device.

The Nextiva Mobile App combines voice, screen sharing, video, IM, and presence; these features give workforce members all the tools needed to function as if they were in the office. This gives businesses: the ability to hire remotely, give workforce members remote functionality when traveling, and the ability to manage workflow out of the office (anytime, anywhere, and on any device).

Nextiva Anywhere

This is a feature offered with Nextiva’s Office Enterprise plan, which gives workforce members the ability to connect business calls to any external phone, including their cell phones. What this means is incoming calls can be routed to any remote external phone, such as the cell phones of traveling workforce members. Remote workforce members can also dial out remotely with their external phones and the caller ID will represent the business phone at their desk.

This is a must for businesses that need remote functionality with their hosted VoIP telephony systems. Nextiva Anywhere works in tandem with call queuing, so when workforce members in the office can’t answer the phone, the calls can be routed to a remote members cell phone. This also gives workforce members the ability to conduct official business without giving away that they’re out of the office; this means the recipient won’t have to wonder why there’s a new number coming in, or have to program two numbers for one contact.

Voicemail to Email

This is a basic feature found with Nextiva Office® VoIP, which is integral for remote functionality. With voicemail to email, remote workforce members can easily see what each voicemail is about, helping them manage and prioritize them without listening to each one. This feature converts all voicemails into text and sends them to workforce members’ email boxes; emails are easier to share and store for team collaboration and organizational simplicity.

Team Presence

This is a feature found with Nexitva Office Pro Plus and Enterprise options, which works with the Nextiva App to show the availability of workforce members or contacts. From the availability console, remote workforce members can see who’s busy and who’s available or not. This real-time feature is made possible by cloud and mobile computing technology; this tool will: increase productivity, save time, and, ultimately, enhance remote functionality.

Conference Bridge

This is another feature found with Nextiva Office Pro Plus and Enterprise options, giving workforce members the ability to speak with 9 people at once, remotely or not. This means when workforce members are working remotely, they can still be involved in (or conduct) video or audio conferences with specific clients and/or workforce team members. For instance, say a manager is traveling to another country for a couple of weeks, but needs to conduct daily meetings with team members working on a specific project – the conference bridge feature makes this simple and easy.


These 5 features are extremely helpful for remote accessibility and functionality for workforce members. Almost all businesses would benefit by being able to conduct business outside of the office remotely, and for many businesses these features make a major difference in their productivity and day-to-day workflow capabilities.

Although this article is highlighting Nextiva’s hosted VoIP features specifically giving remote/mobile functionality, there are many more features hosted VoIP offers as well. The best part is Nextiva hosted VoIP telephony solutions will save businesses money, compared to analog telephony systems. If hosted VoIP telephony solutions from Nextiva sound appealing, please contact us at Top10VoIPList to learn more about our number one recommended choice for hosted VoIP telephony.

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