5 Reasons to Choose Nextiva for Business VoIP Hosted PBX Systems

At this point, the decision is all but made to make the switch to a hosted VoIP PBX telephony system, so now the question is: what service is the best fit for our business? This business may be a: retail, office, industrial, construction, educational, etc. – it doesn’t really matter, because all types of businesses and organizations are making the switch, out of necessity and/or for expanded telephony capabilities. In order to help businesses make this choice, let’s examine these 5 reasons to choose Nextiva for business VoIP hosted PBX systems:

    1. Amazing Service and Call Centers Based in U.S.
    2. Proven and Experienced Service Since 2006
    3. Three VoIP Plans to Choose From
    4. Nextiva Analytics
    5. NextivaOS

#1: Amazing Service and Call Center Based in U.S.

Nextiva winning the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Customer Service and Leadership Award is a good indication of the quality of their service and dedication to clients. Part of the reason for this is they have 100% U.S. based service and call centers. This means businesses (and their customers) are assured of speaking with native English speakers who understand our culture and language nuances; this goes a long way when resolving problems or trying to understand important VoIP matters.

How about having a dedicated account manager for personal, direct contact, or 4 levels of service for: simple Q&A, engineering, enterprise support, and Office of the CEO. That’s not all though, as Nextiva also offers 24/7 support via: email, phone, chat, and/or self-help centers. Indeed, from the initial set-up, day-to-day functions, technical support, and facilitating integrations or add-ons – Nextiva excels in their customer service, which is an important attribute to look for in a hosted VoIP PBX provider.

#2. Proven and Experienced Service Since 2006

When investigating any service or vendor, businesses want to know the depth of their experience and expertise. Nextiva has no problem relaying this information, as they’ve been around since 2006 (a very long time in Internet land). We can also deduct their competence from over 100,000 companies that rely on Nextiva for their hosted VoIP PBX services (big and small businesses). And, if this isn’t enough, there’s also: customer testimonies, #1 recommended status on Top10VoIPList, and many in-depth case studies found on their website.

#3. Three VoIP Plans to Choose From

Small businesses, enterprise level corporations, educational and governmental organizations – can all find the right hosted VoIP telephony plan to fit their needs with Nextiva’s VoIP solutions. Nextiva makes business VoIP hosted PBX systems simple and affordable; no contract and no set up fees are standard with the three Nextiva Office® plans offered, including: Office Pro ($19.95/mo), Office Pro Plus ($22.95/mo), and Office Enterprise ($29.95/mo).

These are the “as low as” monthly costs for these plans, which all include: unlimited calling, free toll-free number, voicemail to email, cloud PBX, and much more. Suffice it to say, these plans include robust features, functionality, and integration capabilities with: mobile, CRM, and enterprise systems. Businesses, of all sizes, can pick and choose which features are needed and, ultimately, experience expanded capabilities within their telephony systems for accelerated growth and optimal UC.

#4. Nextiva Analytics

One major reason businesses are making the switch to VoIP telephony, from their old analog systems, is because of the superior analytics VoIP software brings. Nextiva takes this to another level with robust, in-depth analytics for all aspects of UC. Employers can monitor and gauge their workforce’s performance, provide incentives with gamification, and gain actionable insights from 5 specific reporting tools, including: CEO, operations, sales, marketing, and custom reports.

Having superior analytical data, within an easy to read and use dashboard interface, brings clarity to a business’s UC progress and, ultimately, accelerates growth. Nextiva Analytics is a great reason to choose this VoIP provider, as they’re second to none in the industry when it comes to analytics reporting.

#5. NextivaOS

Nextiva’s Operating System is designed to make managing every aspect of a business’s VoIP telephony system – easy and simple. Using the power of cloud and mobile computing, access to the central dashboard interface (where all management tools are located) can be done anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Nextiva makes this extra special with: intuitive navigation for set-up, ability to import 100 users at one time, separate interface just for users, advanced call recording functionality, and more.

When it comes down to making the choice between VoIP providers, the OS, likely, will be the deciding factor. Why? Well, because the OS will facilitate the UC functions in their day-to-day workflow, thus, needs to be workable in the eyes and minds of the users. NextivaOS is well-designed and beautifully developed for optimal functionality and ease of use, which could just be the subjective feature to sway a business’s choice.


These 5 reasons for businesses to choose Nextiva for their VoIP hosted PBX system, should suffice to show how great Nextiva’s VoIP service really is. Yet, really, this article only scratches the surface of all the many features available, and the functionality they bring for businesses! It’s no wonder Nextiva is the number one choice on Top10VoIPList for business VoIP PBX providers.

Hopefully, this article has clarified the choice and helped businesses decide which provider to investigate further. The possibilities are exciting, and businesses can’t go wrong when choosing Nextiva as their business VoIP hosted PBX provider. If we can help clarify the choice further, please contact us today to learn more.

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