5 Step Guide To Sending a Fax From Gmail

Google’s popular services and tools include Gmail, an email system used by millions of people to send free email messages for work and personal use. Alongside Gmail’s growing popularity, a variety of new tools that integrate with Gmail are now available, including software services that allow you to send faxes from Gmail. Yes, you can now send a fax using your Gmail account.

Benefits of Online Faxes:

  • Cheaper–You may already have a fax service, and they are usually unlimited.
  • Saves paper–No need to print off your document before you fax a copy. No need to fill out a paper cover sheet, either.
  • Reduces electricity use–You do not need to leave a fax machine plugged in at your office, waiting for use and wasting electricity even if you do not send a fax at a particular moment.
  • Fewer ink cartridges–Without printing at your office, you do not need ink cartridges. This immediately saves on ink if you typically send a large volume of faxes.
  • Send faxes while traveling–While on the road, you can send faxes, which is a nice benefit of online fax services.
  • Save office space–No more keeping around a bulky fax machine that takes up space and keeps you from using your desk.
  • Manage faxes inside your email account–Within one screen, you can quickly and effectively handle your business communications via email and fax. There is no additional machine. You have your fax and email screen in the same application.

In this article, we will show you how easy it is to send faxes from Gmail. You can directly fax someone reports, send documents over to your client or fax-in important information to another office. You no longer need a fax machine to take advantage of fax capabilities. Gmail services that help you fax using your email service are now available, and they are relatively simple to use. In fact, in just five steps, you can send your very own Gmail faxes.

Before you start, you need an online fax service provider such as eFax. If you already have a business VoIP service, you may already have online fax services. If you do not have online faxing, consider a trial of one of the services available. Some services also allow a limited number of free faxes. That way, you can try sending just a few to see if you understand the process and enjoy using online faxes.

Some online fax services have features such as scheduled delivery of faxes, electronic signatures and other features. When used hand-in-hand with Voice over IP (VoIP) business phone service, you can save a tremendous amount of time, money and resources managing your phone and fax systems. Sending faxes inside your email account is quick and easy, so you can begin using it right away and teach everyone in the office how to save time and business resources with this service.

Article Contents:

  1. Composing an Email
  2. Typing in the Recipient
  3. Entering the Content
  4. Creating a Cover Letter
  5. Proofreading and Sending Your Message
  6. Online Faxing Tips and Tricks

1. Composing an Email

If you have sent email before, you will likely already know how to send a fax through Gmail. Basically, you will be sending a message to the fax number followed by “@YourEmailFaxCompany.com” instead of an email address for the recipient. It will look something like “[email protected]” and will result in a fax directly to the phone number. You need the area code and the full seven-digit phone number of your recipient to begin sending your local or long distance fax, just as you would with traditional faxes.

2. Typing in the Recipient

Depending on the service you have, the exact address with differ. You need the phone number for your fax recipient and the domain name portion of the address, which will be different for every fax service. If you are not sure what your domain is, you should ask your fax service provider.

Once you have the address, you will compose a new email and enter the address in the “To” field.

3. Entering the Content

The fax itself must be contained within a document that you attach to the message. Do not try to include your fax inside the body of your email. Anything you place within your message will be part of the cover letter. The attachment itself is your fax, so focus on creating a document and attaching whatever content you need for the fax itself.

This can be a PDF, DOC or some over file. If your online fax service has a particular list of file choices, be sure to consult that for acceptable file types that can be used. Pick something that looks great and has the resolution and quality you want for your fax.

4. Creating a Cover Letter

You will need a cover letter for your fax, too, so think of what you want to say in the cover letter portion. As you may know, the cover letter message is printed on the top sheet of the fax. When your recipient receives your fax, this sheet is right on top of the faxed document. Generally, this message should be relatively brief and is your opportunity to provide a small amount of information about the contents of the fax itself. You might mention what type of report you attached, provide your contact information or some other short message for the fax recipient.

5. Proofreading and Sending Your Message

Before sending your fax, take a moment to look over your message and make sure everything is there. Check to make sure your attachment is uploaded, your cover sheet is complete and your address has the correct recipient phone number. Click “Send” after you have everything corrected and ready to go.

Once you get the hang of it, sending faxes from Gmail is no more difficult than sending emails. It is fairly straightforward to use and you can begin replacing your traditional business faxing solution. Instead of sending faxes, you may find yourself sending these emails to fax documents directly and avoid waisting paper. You can quickly and easily send faxes through your Gmail account.

6. Online Faxing Tips and Tricks

As you begin faxing with your online service, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

  1. Fax services are usually unlimited, so you can replace your existing fax machine with online faxing. Online faxes may be a lot faster to send once you understand how to use the service.
  2. Find out if your VoIP service offers faxing; it may already be included as a service, so you could save your money.
  3. Consider using faxing in your marketing. Many businesses still use fax machines, and sending out faxes is easier and faster with an online service. You may want to send faxes about your products or services as part of your regular marketing strategy.
  4. Use your online fax service to send faxes while away from the office. You can even fax yourself something. Send a document back to your office fax machine quickly and easily.
  5. Replacing your fax machine with an online fax service can help you save electricity, reduce paper waste and use fewer ink cartridges. As such, it is a way to cut costs and save the environment.

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