5 Top Business VoIP Features SMBs Benefit From the Most

There are many good reasons why SMBs, especially, are making the switch from analog to VoIP telephony systems. Hosted business VoIP services are giving startups and SMBs: enterprise-level capabilities without the cost or maintenance of self-hosting. Whether SMBs want hybrid telephony systems or fully hosted VoIP PBX systems, here are 5 top business VoIP features SMBs benefit from the most.

    • Integration with CRM Systems
    • Affordable Long Distance and International Calling
    • Call Queuing
    • Auto Attendant
    • Hosted VoIP PBX: Cost-Effective/ No maintenance

Integration with CRM Systems

One of the most practical features SMBs will benefit from is the VoIP software integrating seamlessly with CRM software. This allows workforce members to speak on the phone with someone while looking at their marketing and sales information.

Real-time data and management tools become available to workforce members, giving them the ability to streamline business processes for optimal customer service and productivity; VoIP and CRM integration also enhances BI with shared data.

Affordable Long Distance and International Calling

Making calls through the Internet makes long-distance and international calling more affordable than with analog PBX systems. SMBs with high a volume of these types of calls, benefit the most from VoIP solutions. Workforce members can also access IP Trunks, anywhere and anytime, using their integrated mobile devices; giving SMBs more remote capabilities and cost savings.

Call Queuing

Sometimes it’s the little inconsistencies in the office or workplace, which clog workflow processes and create a ripple effect of inefficiency. Call queuing is a feature that eliminates many of these little workflow problems. With call queuing, businesses can direct calls to the available team member, even if they’re in a remote location. This feature: ensures no calls are lost because one team member wasn’t able to answer, enhances SMBs ability to manage workflow processes, and evenly distributes calls through automation.

Auto Attendant

SMBs benefit from having a professional introduction to their business, which is what an auto-attendant accomplishes when customers call. The auto-attendant directs calls to the proper department through automation, which frees up the workforce and provides the caller with a stress-free way to reach their intended party or department. This feature is also accompanied with on-hold music, which is another noteworthy feature SMBs get with business VoIP systems.

Hosted VoIP PBX: Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons SMBs are switching to VoIP telephony is because of the many benefits they gain when allowing someone else to host their PBX. This is, especially, appealing to startups and SMBs with fewer resources than enterprise-level organizations. Hosted business VoIP providers, merely, requires businesses to download their software, use IP phones, and sometimes set up a router for more complex business systems and needs.

Hosted business VoIP PBX services are cost-effective, in general, compared to analog, yet especially when there’s very little hardware to maintain. Cloud and mobile computing, again, are alluring businesses to upgrade their phone systems to a hosted VoIP PBX telephony system – with the many benefits these new technologies are offering.


While not every business needs to upgrade to business VoIP PBX systems, most would benefit if they did. VoIP adoption trends, for SMBs and large businesses, will only grow with ever-advancing technologies. The 5 features discussed above are important workflow enhancements every business would benefit from.

Once a decision is made to switch to business VoIP PBX systems, whether hosted or not, SMBs now have to decide on the best VoIP provider for their situation. This is where Top10VoIPList.com becomes a helpful tool, helping businesses make an informed choice.

We’ve taken the time to research, demo, test, review and rank the providers on our top ten lists, in order to give businesses the information needed to make the right choice. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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