6 Things Your Business Needs to Know About Hosted VOIP PBX

Planning your phone branch exchange (PBX) is an essential part of growing a business. For many growing businesses, your PBX needs to be over a hosted VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system because of the many benefits hosted VOIP provides.

A hosted VOIP PBX gives you the capability of managing communication systems remotely, sending calls to specific people regardless of their physical location, and integrating communication systems with video, telecommunications, web conferencing and more.

Cancellation Plans

One of the major advantages of a hosted PBX is the fact that your infrastructure is virtual. This means that you can increase and decrease lines, add minutes, and a variety of other customizations, without changing any physical infrastructure. Therefore, it is important that you look at your VOIP provider’s contracts to make certain that they do not hold you into contracts that would limit the full range of flexibility a hosted system provides.

Integrated Communication Solutions

Hosted PBX systems work through virtual routing, which means they integrate with every other communication system available to your business. A hosted VOIP process provides opportunity from managing sales calls on individual computers, tracking customer service responses on the phone, email, and IM, and transitioning between apps easily. Integrated communication is essential to building quality business communities: with your employees, suppliers, and customers.

Different From On-Site Solutions

While there are virtual solutions you may deploy from a location, a hosted PBX is not tied down to your infrastructure. This means that your business communication systems are available to you regardless of your location, they are scalable within your host’s limits, and they have security and management systems that you may not have in-house.

Understand Costs

There are many ways to incur costs in setting up a PBX, and you need to keep them in mind as you are considering a hosted VOIP PBX system. There are usually data costs, per-minute phone costs, a monthly user/line cost, and possible contract fees. As with the cancellation policy, the costs associated with your account need to be clearly defined and you need to plan your business processes out so that you do not incur any unwanted and unwarranted fees.

A hosted VOIP PBX works well with infrastructure management on a cloud; you do not have to manage your IT systems through your own servers. As you consider hosted communication systems, there are several important issues to consider about the cloud.

  • Do you need communication management systems on the cloud?
  • Do you use servers to host sites, software, apps, or other data-heavy processes?
  • Does your IT team have the tools to manage your IT internally?
  • Do you have the information security experts to manage communication on-site?

If you need the scalability that comes with cloud server management and you do not have the team necessary to create secure systems in-house, then choosing a hosted VOIP system is the best decision.

Scale Your Infrastructure

A hosted system is limited by the resources of your host so that you can scale up or down swiftly and without incurring the costs that managing your own infrastructure normally incurs. Many hosting services outsource their datacenter management (servers, power, etc) to a major cloud provider like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. This means that, in turn, you have the security, reliability, and scalability of the largest information systems in the world.

A hosted phone system is a great way to manage your communication and works well with other business systems like CRMs, email management systems and more. For more information on business management systems, please contact us today and let us know how we can help your business choose a great phone system!

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