8×8 Reviews

8×8 is a solid VoIP solution for small to medium sized businesses. It places a heavy emphasis on its customer support team as well as being very easy to use. They place a ton of effort on customer satisfaction, which is a nice change from other large-scale virtual office and VoIP solutions.

They offer a few different packages that cater to a variety of business owners and the levels of service they require.

Below we take a look at 8×8’s VoIP and contact center tools, along with the various features it’s equipped with, so you can decide if 8×8 is going to be the best choice for your business.

Pricing Tiers

8×8 offers three different pricing tiers. The first two relate to VoIP and business phone services, while the third option offers a full call center solution. You’re sure to find something that can benefit your calling and support system with one of their packages.

They seek to offer an integrated solution for modern businesses. Which means they understand the variable nature of today’s marketplace and offer a cloud-based solution to fit those needs.

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office package offers basic features at an affordable price. This tier also includes things like access to desktop and mobile apps, hold music, conference calling bridge, software integrations, unlimited calling through the US and Canada, and much more.

This plan currently costs $24.99 per user, along with a $39.99 activation fee. You’ll receive unlimited inbound calls and 250 outbound minutes. Plus, you’ll gain access to the mobile app and auto attendant features.

Virtual Office Pro

The Virtual Office Pro package is perfect for businesses who demand a more extensive array of features. Beyond the basic features it includes things like video calls and additional collaboration features, web conferencing, call recording, and much more.

This plan currently costs $39.99 per user, along with the $39.99 activation fee. You’ll receive unlimited inbound and outbound calls to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Plus, unlimited inbound and outbound calls to landlines in the UK, Italy, Ireland, France, and Spain.

You’ll also receive access to the mobile app, auto attendant, and virtual fax.

Virtual Contact Center

The Virtual Contact Center allows you integrate your remote offices, headquarters, and any other locations into a single virtual call center. This allows you to integrate your existing team under one roof, all while eliminating overtime costs and reducing your overhead. A must-have for companies who don’t do in-house support.

This plan currently costs $79.99 per user, along with the $39.99 activation fee. You’ll have unlimited calling to the top 40 countries highlighted here.

It also comes with a mobile app, auto attendant, and virtual fax access.

You’ll also have access to an analytics panel on every pricing tier, which can help you monitor, track, and improve your existing calls.

If you require additional hardware phones for your employees and support staff, then you can sign up for an Enterprise phone plan that allows you to pay a monthly fee for your phones. They aren’t created in-house, but it’s a flexible and affordable solution that will fit most businesses.

Choosing The Right Plan For Your Needs

The plan you choose will depend on the needs and size of your business. If you don’t plan on making that many outbound calls, then the basic plan is a good fit for your needs. While, if you need the ability to make unlimited calls, then it’s a good idea to opt for the Pro level plan.

The Virtual Contact center offers the highest number of unlimited minutes, and also gives you the ability to centralize your support team and any additional remote locations. If you currently have a small customer base but are planning on growing, you can always begin with one plan and upgrade your plan in time.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Beyond its feature set, one of the main selling points of 8×8 is the ease of setup. You can use the service with or without purchasing phones and headsets, but most business owners tend to prefer using the service with handsets.

Once you’ve received your handsets you’ll receive a welcome email that provides you with basic login information as well as the chance to schedule a call to walk through the technical aspects of the product. This will help to educate you on the product, so you can implement it to the fullest potential.

If you do run into any issues during setup or use, there’s a technical support team who can walk you through any issues you might be currently experiencing.

If you order phones they come preconfigured to connect as soon as an internet connection is established. You’ll take care of the rest of the activation process through your account portal. Through your account portal, you’ll also be able to manage things like assigning phone numbers, setting up call recording options, establishing user groups and much more.

If you have the Virtual Office Pro suite, then you’ll be able to access and setup the additional features from within your account management portal as well.

Virtual Office Client and Mobile App

One of the main features of their software is the virtual office client. It comes with a downloadable desktop version for PC and Mac, a browser-based version, and a mobile app that provides various features.

Right out of the box you’ll find features like call forwarding, internal chat, and presence designation to show if you’re online, offline or busy, and that’s just scratching the surface.

The mobile app is a nice addition and offers you even more features and flexibility. The mobile app allows you to access your office phone via your mobile phone, check voicemail, make and receive calls, enable three-way calling, receive faxes, and even record calls on the go. While you’re busy making calls it will look to the receiver as if you’re calling from your actual office number, not your mobile phone.

It also offers integration with various existing software like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and Zendesk, so you don’t have to sacrifice your existing CRM platform.

In Closing

Overall, 8×8 Virtual Office is a solid solution for small to mid sized businesses seeking a VoIP provider.  It offers a heavy set of features at an affordable price, which will appease budget-conscious businesses. It works incredibly well, which is exactly what you want your VoIP provider to do, you want it to run in the background and never become a problem.

The level of customization is going to be a great fit for a variety of business owners. You’re not stuck with an out-of-the-box solution but instead can customize the core elements to your actual needs as a business.

Whether you’re using the basic or pro versions, you’ll be surprised with the amount of pricing flexibility they offer. Most solutions that offer features of this caliber are much pricier, which makes 8×8 stand out from the pack. If you want a virtual office or business phone provider that truly cares about your business, then give 8×8 a try today.

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