As Millenials Surge into the Business World, VOIP Hosted PBX Systems Accommodate their Work Styles

As of last year, more than one in three American workers were Millennials. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, workers between the ages of 18 and 35, having already edged out Baby Boomers in  2014, now also outnumber Generation X in the workforce. Also known as Generation Z, this well-studied group of 82.1 million makes up one-quarter of America’s population and, as more and more of the 75.4 million Baby Boomers who have not already retired prepare to do so, businesses who are replacing them with millennials are scrambling to accommodate their work habits.

Saying Good-by to Landlines

Since Millennials have proven to be wean-resistant when it comes to the smartphones they grew up with, the most obvious place to start the change is with the desk-bound landline phone system. Seemingly digitally fluent since birth, they view smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices as staples of life and are not used to being plugged in. Accustomed to phones that allow them to chat, text, or be connected to social media 24/7, they cannot fathom the idea of their office hours communication being bound to a desk.

While not adverse to working at their place of business, Millennials do not want to be limited to it, nor to an imposed 9 to 5 schedule. While many put in more that the expected eight hours,  they like the flexibility of choosing to do so from their homes, favorite coffee shops, airports – no matter whether it’s 10 AM or 10 PM – EST or PST.  In other words, they require constant mobile access. And so many businesses are retiring the landline phone systems that served Baby Boomers well in favor of VOIP systems that transmit calls over the internet.

Updating to a business VOIP hosted PBX system satisfies everyone. It gives employees the option of working from wherever they choose on any given day while customers, vendors, or clients reaching them assume it’s just another day at the office – which it is, since hosted VOIP provides integrated connectivity.

 BYOD-Accommodating Automated Attendant

Since most employees, even millennials, prefer using a desk phone while in the office, businesses are choosing VOIP services that include an easy-to-install IP  phone for desks, as well as a mobile app for each employer’s designated phone so they can use them to make or receive calls should they step out for lunch, a meeting with a client, or choose to work from home or elsewhere on any given day. Employing hosted VOIP PBX means business flows seamlessly since no matter where an individual happens to be at any particular moment, a client trying to reach her will hear the same automated attendant message and be able to connect to her just as if she were at her desk.

Video-Conferencing and Staying Connected

Constantly connected to social media, millennials value collaboration and like to get team input before implementing a decision or beginning a task. However, they are known for preferring their face to face conversations from a distance, i.e., alone. Choosing a VOIP system with unified communication (UC) tools like video conferencing, peer-to-peer video, or web conferencing will let an entire team exchange opinions and give feedback whether they are gathered in the office, by themselves at home, or accompanied by a supplier on the road

Visual Voice Mail As a Substitute for Texting

Notorious for preferring text messages to phone calls, millennials have no use for voice mail. Many, if not most, VOIP phone systems have the ability to transcribe voice messages to texted emails, leaving millennials to decide whether to call back, email, or text their reply.

Getting Down to Business with Instant Messaging

Ironically while millennials may be slow to return calls, they are impatient when they are on the waiting end. Including such VOIP options as instant messaging and chat tools can be a more professional and productive alternative to texting.

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