Before Pokémon Go There Was VoIP

By now, you have probably heard about Pokémon Go. It took just 13 hours for Pokémon Go to become the highest grossing app in the United States.  As with any new trend, there are a few ill-advised users who fail to use common sense with the game; but for the most part, Pokémon Go has been a good thing. In fact, it has propelled more people out of their houses and into the world than any other one smartphone app.

[icon name=”fa-check” size=”55px” color=”#35c36f” link=””] Just the Facts

What exactly is Pokémon Go? It’s based on Google Maps technology and on the infrastructure of another game called Ingress. Developers at Niantic combined these elements and created a game that populates the real world with digital creatures called Pokémon. Each creature has its own strengths and powers, and the point of the game is to collect as many unique Pokémon as you can find.

When you download the app, you see a map on your screen, reflecting the same streets, bodies of water, and landmarks as the real world. As you walk through your neighborhood, around the mall, or to your workplace with the app open, you’ll feel a buzz from your phone whenever a Pokémon pops up. Touch the Pokémon, and your phone switches to augmented reality mode. You’ll see the Pokémon sitting in your real surroundings— on your bed, under the desk, beside a bush. Swipe the Pokéball at the bottom of your screen towards the creature, and if the ball hits its head, the Pokémon disappears inside the ball. That means you caught it, and it is now part of your collection.

There’s more to the game— for instance, local landmarks become Pokéstops where you can find more Pokéballs and other supplies. There are also gyms where you can battle other players. But at its core, Pokémon Go is all about exploring the world. Players have started roaming their towns and neighborhoods in groups; you’ll see them talking, laughing, and leaning close to each other to compare their Pokémon collections.

[icon name=”fa-reply-all” size=”55px” color=”#35c36f” link=””] Pokémon and Early VoIP Technology

This kind of social and cultural phenomenon is unique, but not completely unprecedented. The Pokémon franchise has been involved with redefining and adapting modern technology in the past, most notably in 2007, when Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games took a leap forward. Available on the 2007 version of the Nintendo DS, these two Pokémon games incorporated graphics that were advanced for the time, along with superb wireless capability. The potential for a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection meant that players could link up with other Pokémon gamers around the globe, speaking to them via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), thanks to the Nintendo DS’s built-in microphone.

When they first came out, the new VoIP-capable Pokémon games were a big hit. Kids could now exchange Friend Codes and chat via VoIP with their pals while playing Pokémon. They could even use a Global Trade Station to swap Pokémon, or try their battle skills and gain improved rankings at the Battle Tower. This VoIP powered innovation breathed fresh life into the franchise.

[icon name=”fa-line-chart” size=”55px” color=”#35c36f” link=””] VoIP and the Future

VoIP technology was a global phenomenon before Pokémon Go ever appeared in Google Play and iTunes. Far from being a thing of the past, VoIP continues to grow and expand through services such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Vonage, Ooma, Telo, and Lingo. Many companies invest in elaborate VoIP solutions to facilitate communications throughout their vast network of employees, partners, shareholders, and clients. While free VoIP services are useful, paid providers often supply many more options and safeguards that are valuable for home users and business users alike.

Are you ready to make a connection to cutting-edge VoIP technology? Contact us today, and we’ll help you link up with local VoIP providers who are keeping up with the times and providing superb connection options for this decade and beyond. Like Pokémon Go, VoIP providers are in the business of strengthening relationships, creating friendships, and making connections in the real world.

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