Business VoIP – Affordable Communication When You Have to Travel the World

Business VoIP experts frequently make insightful points about having to communicate by phone while traveling the world. They remind that when you need reliable telecommunications while traveling for business, you don’t want to pay the world for it. Even if we all know using technology isn’t free, far too many companies still don’t realize how much they can save using a VoIP solution.

As your own company grows, have you thought about how you’re going to handle the expense of international calling fees? You’re perhaps using a standard phone company and cell phone carrier for your phone services. If so, you’re already seeing how many fees you have to pay from month to month.

Expanding your business is obviously exciting, but the prospect of having to keep up with phone expenses could cut into your immediate profits.

Particularly when you have to deal with international rates, you could end up with hundreds or thousands of dollars in bills.

Take a look at how VoIP can help with this and how you can communicate with employees in other ways while located anywhere around the globe.

The Cost of International Phone Rates

When you look at comparison charts for international phone rates, they’re certainly not cheap.

In a case where you’d make dozens of international calls in one day, your bill could become staggering. As you nurture new overseas markets, it may require having to stay on the line to a foreign country for longer than a standard business call.

When you choose a VoIP provider, you only pay a monthly flat rate for unlimited calls. This means you can call internationally and not have to worry about how many minutes you’re incurring.

While this works great for the office, you can use VoIP beyond the confines of your company headquarters.

Creating International Extensions on Mobile Devices

Many of your employees may have to travel overseas for business, and you’re probably worried about what it means for your cell phone charges. Dealing with cell phone carriers can potentially be worse than landline companies.

Your team may have to stay on their cell phones considerably while on their flight overseas. It’s maybe the same in their hotel rooms on the farthest side of the globe. Because your carrier’s international rates are possibly considerable, your cell phone bill could become higher than your regular phone bill.

VoIP gives you the ability to create extensions on mobile devices so inbound or outbound calls are easy without being charged extra. It gives your employees freedom to make calls wherever they have a wireless signal without concern about how long they talk.

When you need to reach your employees overseas in a hurry, you can do so through a convenient extension number.

Conferencing from Overseas

No doubt you’re aware of how voice and video conferencing work, though always thought it expensive if done internationally. VoIP changes all of this so you can share ideas with your employees without having to pay more. Audio and video conferencing are frequently part of the many features available from VoIP services and included in the flat rate.

When you need to stay on top of a business project, you and your employees can finally link up in real-time to share ideas. Whether your team is doing business in Asia or other far-off country, they can connect with you in perfect clarity to eliminate having to schedule face-to-face meetings.

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