Business VoIP for Better Communication: Giving More Freedom to Employees

Business VoIP growth continues as companies realize the value of taking their telecommunications to a new level. In the last year or two, VoIP’s increasing use in businesses helped push the technology’s service market to $70 billion. It’s expected to go even higher this year, and it goes beyond just making phone systems more advanced.

VoIP opens the doors (literally) for your employees who complain about being tied to the office. Having to commute to a physical location every day to take calls or listen to voice mails can become taxing.

Choosing a VoIP solution, you’ll eliminate office visits for your employees, and for yourself. It can get to a point where you won’t have to spend every day in your workplace. In that regard, you can say business VoIP is changing how work gets done.

The only challenge is finding a VoIP provider right for what you need. Most of them provide extensive features that can become overwhelming to analyze. Here at, we have the resources available to help you choose more wisely.

Let’s take a look at how you can set your employees free by using the best VoIP platform.

Connecting to Mobile Devices

Using cell phones in your workplace is no doubt a routine part of your business structure. However, cell phone bills can get out of control when employees make calls every hour of the day. As part of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, this is probably a sobering reality.

The good news is you don’t have to endure huge cell phone bills when you integrate VoIP. You can link up all your cell phones with an extension that reaches each individual employee. This allows each employee to work in the field and still deal with outbound or inbound calls.

On your end, it makes it easier to communicate with employees when needing to relay something. On their end, it allows employees to work not only out in the field, but also at home. When life and family matters become more challenging for them, being able to take calls from home reinvents how people work.

Communicating While on Business Trips

While VoIP allows employees freedom to work from home, others in your team may have to travel. Your company may require months-long travel to other states or countries to nurture business deals. Calling through regular phone service, though, could create a considerable bill. International calling rates are still high through most phone companies.

A quality VoIP provider has a monthly flat rate for all services so you don’t have to pay high international phone rates. It’s just one part of VoIP being exponentially more affordable than going through analog phone service.

You’ll have a process that once again works well with mobile devices. Now your employees can freely travel and never be out of contact with you or customers. Using VoIP in the cloud, workers can access voice messages online through email.

Conferencing on Business Projects

As your employees travel, they won’t have time to visit your headquarters for business meetings. They don’t have to since VoIP provides conferencing features to let you link up with every employee at once.

Voice conferencing is fairly common on VoIP systems. If you and your team have an essential project underway to get a leg up on your competitors, conferencing is a must. Yet, some providers even give you video conferencing capability. Essentially, you can hold a full meeting when needing to present visual information.

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