It’s amazing how many people still adhere to working with landline phone companies while fees continue to rise. Long-distance rates also continue to climb, which only complicates things when you start to expand your business overseas.

With cell phones, you have the problem of racking up minutes and paying even bigger fees to the cell phone company. This doesn’t include your locked-in contracts where you’re required to stay put for at least a year.

These phone systems just don’t work, particularly when you have to communicate often with your employees during important business projects.

What kind of business project are you working on now where VoIP can change how you and your staff do telecommunications? Let’s look at some examples.

Designing a New Product

As you continue to grow your business, you may need to design a new product to get ahead of your competitors. How can you do this, though, when you rely strictly on landline phones and deal with big cell phone bills?

Even if you’ve done things this way for a long time, those landline and cell bills are likely eating into your profits. As you try to get on the same page with your staff on developing your product, you’re realizing that in-person meetings are just impossible.

Your most major problem now is maybe you’re all traveling to conduct business. As a result, you can’t take the time to meet live to discuss your product designs. Calling each other by phone internationally only continues the annoying long-distance charges. Then consider you can only talk to one person at a time through regular phone service.

With VoIP, your phone system is strictly through the cloud so you can connect through an existing Internet line. It means superior telecommunications with your entire staff, day or night. Using teleconferencing capability, you’ll talk to numerous people at once so you can get your product designs better oriented.

Staying on Top of Regulations in Documents

One of the biggest issues in companies is staying compliant for specific government regulations. It puts a lot of burden on managers who have to keep on top of documents requiring strict compliance, like training manuals.

The problem is keeping every department coordinated to get these edits done right. In a paper-based system, this can become a challenge chasing down every department to make sure they make necessary changes.

Using VoIP, you can connect with every department through one extension so there isn’t mass confusion on communication. Again, teleconferencing gets everyone involved on staying compliant so you can avoid any mishaps and penalties.

General Meetings

Discussing all of your business projects is critical in regular meetings, despite you and staff having a lack of time to meet at the office. Fortunately, many VoIP systems include video conferencing along with teleconferencing capability. Thanks to improved technology, you no longer have to worry about call dropouts or freezes using this process.

Basically, you can hold all of your meetings through a VoIP solution so everyone knows what’s going on at all times. As your competition continues to become more intense, getting ahead of them is crucial to stay in the game.

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