Business VoIP for Your Telemarketing Business

As a telemarketing business, you’re perhaps searching for business VoIP solutions after years of dealing with standard phone equipment. As demands get more challenging doing more outbound calls (and taking more inbound calls), your calling agents are the ones who have the brunt of the technological stress. Dealing with aging phone equipment doesn’t make their job any easier, especially when on the line for long periods.

Even if your business has had phone banks like this for decades, you’re probably noticing you can’t keep up. Landline phones bills are probably through the roof as fees continually rise. While you’ve perhaps upgraded slightly to so-called digital services from your phone company, it still doesn’t give you a comprehensive list of features.

Without having more efficient calling technology, telemarketing can become a stressful and physically uncomfortable job. Creating this kind of atmosphere is probably leading to faster turnover since employees can’t tackle how you manage things.

VoIP technology changes all of this for a telemarketing company. Here’s some features you may want to scope out to make your phone agents work more efficiently.

Unlimited Calling

As VoIP experts point out, you can expect unlimited calling from VoIP providers, though multiple thousands of calls could lead to restrictions. Even so, the chances of you having thousands of hours in call time per month is probably slim. You can only handle so many telemarketing calls in a month’s time.

VoIP is still the best choice in phone technology available today. The greatness comes in being able to place many calls in a month and only have to pay a flat rate. All of this occurs directly through an Internet line, so added equipment isn’t necessary.

In a rare instance where you’d have to pay a little more for thousands of calls, you’d still save more money than paying out to a phone company or cell phone carrier.

Caller ID

If you’re a telemarketing company depending on inbound calls, you need to have caller ID. Not all landline service give you caller ID capability, despite being necessary to eliminate downtime.

What happens if you suddenly get an influx of calls you thought were customers, but turned out be sales-related? The time wasted picking up the phone and telling them not to call again is a wasted opportunity when every second counts.

VoIP gives you ID from the cloud, so everyone can see ID at the same time rather than on one phone. This includes on mobile devices where you’re able to create extensions so phone agents can work outside the office.

Don’t forget to see if your VoIP provider gives you a call block feature as well so you can block those unwanted sales (or prank) calls.

Call Waiting

While making outbound sales calls, you don’t want to miss important incoming calls either. Your phone bank is perhaps small, and all lines might get busy during a given hour. As a result, you could end up missing an important incoming call related to a sale or a business deal.

Almost all Business VoIP providers give you call waiting for use in the office or on your mobile devices. As with mobile extensions above, call waiting is valuable. Perhaps you’re giving your call agents more freedom to work on the go or at home. Now they can while still being able to receive calls for important contact leads.

Other features to look out for include wait music and digital attendant for times when you need to place callers on hold for a few minutes. Silence is deadly when placing customers on hold, yet VoIP gives you professional tools to do it right.

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