Business VOIP Hosted PBX Systems: Preventing Downtime with Custom Features

Business VOIP use continues to increase beyond escaping the excessive fees of a phone company. No doubt you’ve realized that VoIP helps save money on your phone bills, yet you may not realize how much it prevents downtime. The latter is one of the worst threats to a business, and it can become financially devastating if going on too long.

When relying on a phone company, you’re sometimes stuck using physical phones in the office. Communication is also limited this way since analog phones don’t provide the universal telecommunications VoIP offers.

This already limits you on staying competitive in your industry. It also means potential wasted time and even lead to shutdowns. When you bring disasters into the equation, VoIP helps keep operations going.

However, downtime can do devastating things in a short time. VoIP solutions help streamline how you run things so there isn’t any delay in helping you focus on what’s important.

Take a look at what VoIP technology can do for you in making your company have better use of time.

Faster Communication with Customers

Your call center may already have frustrations dealing with stressed callers who have long wait times. Perhaps the main reason for the wait is your employees don’t have quick access to call data. Without having any digital source to use, information on customers is probably spread out in different departments.

When your call agents have to leave the line to search for one piece of information, it can make for an excruciating waiting experience. VoIP eliminates this because all data goes into an internal database. Using cloud VoIP makes this even more universal, though it means quick access to information on a computer screen during calls.

Creating Extensions

Customers get frustrated if they can’t reach the people they need in specific departments. Because your employees are frequently out in the field, they likely have to rely on their voice mails to stay on top of business calls. The problem is that if they can’t access their voice mails anywhere other than the office, callbacks are extremely delayed.

VoIP lets everyone in your company create their own extensions on mobile devices to receive incoming calls. They can also use this for outbound calls from any location.

What’s important is valuable customers can instantly reach an employee, even if the latter is working from home. With voice mails sent to email, members of your team can hear these messages from any place with an Internet connection. Some VoIP services even transcribe voice mails into text for easier accessibility. 

Sharing Information for More Productivity

Getting everyone on the same page about critical projects is maybe a constant challenge in your office. Having to wait for replies or meetings from those in your creative team only leads to wasted time in brainstorming ideas. In the meantime, your competitors may beat you to the market on a particular product idea.

A VoIP platform opens up a vast array of telecommunication features. You can share documents, and conduct virtual meetings. It prevents excessive downtime having to find time to connect in person. Each member of your team can travel separately and still do teleconferencing (including video conferencing) to keep business ideas flowing.

Since VoIP has digital sound, you don’t have to worry about distorted audio either. Each person you talk to through extensions sound like they’re right there with you in the same room. When your team shares business ideas, you won’t have to worry about misunderstanding them due to a bad connection.

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