Business VOIP Hosted PBX Systems: What Features Do You Need to Stay Competitive?

Looking for business VOIP hosted PBX systems should never be complicated if you’re contemplating using this superior phone technology over your old landline phones. It may seem overwhelming trying to decide when you see how many VoIP companies are out there. Those providers all know how much they can benefit businesses, and they prove how successful they with VoIP statistics.

Projections says VoIP will make up over 66% of installed lines in North America within a few more years. That’s in comparison to only 33% using old circuit-switch lines, which some businesses still have.

Maybe you feel your business can’t veer away from landline phones simply because it’s all you’ve ever used. As the business world becomes more competitive, however, you’re realizing superior communication can’t rely on old analog phones. The same goes for dealing with phone companies and cell phone services.

So if you’re realizing VoIP is the best choice, what features are available that could help solve your biggest telecommunication problems? We’re available here at to help you find the right provider and features your business absolutely needs to stay competitive.

Unlimited Calling Without Fees

One of the most profoundly useful things about VoIP is it gets you away from being a slave to phone companies. If you’ve stuck with landline phones for years, you know how difficult it is dealing with phone companies and their fees. With many of those fees seemingly unnecessary (even if phone companies say they’re not), it doesn’t include other aspects that add to your bill.

As you grow, you’ll be making more long-distance calls every hour of the day. Doing this through a phone company can mean bills in the hundreds of dollars each month.

The best VoIP providers give you unlimited calls for just one flat rate per month. It’s a feature to look for first since it means everything in how much you pay. Also look out for unlimited faxing, which occurs internally now so you can save money buying a fax machine.

Nextiva is a great VoIP company providing both.

Mobility Connections

You likely want to use your company cell phones without having to pay for a cell phone service. Any VoIP provider that provides easy mobility connectivity is worth buying into immediately. Companies like ShoreTel provide unified telecommunications and mobility features to finally help you connect with your team on a new level.

In order to stay competitive, you may have to work on business projects requiring major deadlines. With unified systems, you can reach anyone instantly with just one number so you eliminate dealing with myriad extensions.

Likewise, your employees can deal with customer calls while in other locations, or at home. This is a major feature toward better productivity and making happier customers who won’t have to leave constant voice messages.

Conferencing Ability

As an extension to mobility connections, the best VoIP providers give you voice and video conferencing ability on your mobile devices. Companies like Mitel provide these, and each feature is perfect during times when you need to huddle with your executive team immediately.

You and the rest of your team save more money this way because it works from any location with Internet. It eliminates the need to travel all the way back to your headquarters to gather for just a short meeting.

Thanks to VoIP using the cloud and the best digital technology, conferencing isn’t like it was a decade ago. Now you can conference as if your employees are right there with you rather than battling unstable sound or freezes.

Contact us here at to find out more about the best VoIP providers and which ones provide the features you’ll use to your advantage.

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