Business VoIP Service and Hosted PBX Systems Bring Convenience and Cost Savings

Old-fashioned PBX systems have several drawbacks. Some of these are due to how the machines work, but others are the result of what they work with. Fortunately, both the standard machines and the phone lines that go with them are now obsolete. Business VoIP hosted PBX systems and the accompanying VoIP telephone service provide more benefits and do so at cheaper rates.

Call Routing

This is what a hardware PBX machine handles. When someone calls in and punches in an extension number, it allows the call to be sent to the right telephone. The problem is that some old-fashioned systems are hard to program, prone to errors, and are expensive. Owners of these machines may even have to bring in special technicians to update them or correct problem behavior.

With hosted VoIP PBX, these things are no longer problems. Instead of fussing with a complicated or confusing machine, all you have to do to make changes is log into your VoIP account. There, you just go to the proper screen and enter the extension info. Once you hit submit, your extension changes are saved and you’re good to go. It’s just as easy to remove extensions as it is to add them, so your system won’t get bogged down with obsolete numbers.


VoIP services don’t stop at call routing, and this is one of the reasons they are superior to typical phone companies. They handle all of your calling needs, so there’s no requirement to bring in landlines or old-fashioned phone companies to get the rest of the job done. All you need to get perfectly clear connections is your cable internet lines.

There are many reasons the VoIP option is superior for phone service. One of the most important for businesses is the lack of per-call charges. Plans are metered by the minute, so it doesn’t cost you extra if you make a large number of calls.

Another big benefit of VoIP service is the lack of long-distance charges. Even today, traditional phone service forces you to have two different plans: one for local calls and one for long-distance. The big problem with that is the extremely limited area that is considered local. If you call someone over a couple of miles away, you get socked for the long-distance rate. For many companies, this means that most calls are charged at a higher cost. Switching to VoIP instantly eliminates this problem.

VoIP Plan Options

Hosted PBX is just the start of the options you can choose to go with your VoIP phone plan. These plans are tailored for business, so they offer all of the standards: Hold, call forwarding, the automated receptionist, PBX extensions, and call logging are all available. Even better, you can select from up to over 40 other options to meet your company’s unique needs. Do you need to have calls sent to other phones during certain times of the day? VoIP can do that. Do you need teleconferencing on demand? VoIP can do that, too. Pretty much anything that can be done with a phone can also be done with a VoIP phone plan – and at a far cheaper cost.

Scalability is another big benefit of hosted VoIP PBX service and VoIP overall. It can be a big hassle to upgrade or downgrade the level of service you receive from a phone company. With VoIP, all you have to do is log into your account and make the changes. This way, you can adapt to seasonal changes in call volume or employee numbers almost instantly.

To learn more about VoIP PBX and phone service, just contact us. We’ll be happy to get you started with the perfect plan and provider.

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