Business VoIP: The Benefits of Hosted PBX Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has become incredibly popular in recent years. What has driven this popularity increase? It turns out that several factors have come together to make business VoIP running on hosted PBX systems the up-and-coming standard for commercial communications. Here are some of the key factors and benefits your company can expect:

Clearer Communications

Early internet-based phone systems, which arose even before the term VoIP was standard, produced extremely choppy sound and weren’t yet fit for business communication. Now, thanks to the arrival of affordable broadband connections and better computers, this problem has been solved. With the right service, VoIP communications are as clear as those provided by landline phones.

Ease of Use

This is where hosted VoIP PBX really outshines the old site-based systems. With the old systems, adding a new user often required rewiring a physical device. Doing this could be frustrating and time-consuming, but companies dealt with it because there weren’t any other viable options.

With hosted PBX, this problem is solved. Instead of dealing with wires and schematics, all you need to do is log on and enter information into some screens. Your new employee will be in the system within minutes. Since VoIP systems can be operated right from computer terminals, you don’t even need to worry about wiring in a new handset. Just give the new employee a headset to plug into the computer and everything will be set.

You Can Fire the Phone Company

Since VoIP works over the internet, there is simply no need for a landline phone company. Doing so will eliminate high monthly fees, expensive per-call charges, and more. You’ll also have one less set of on-site infrastructure to deal with.

Domestic Per-Call Charges May be Eliminated

Many hosted PBX VoIP providers don’t charge per-call fees. Instead, you pay a single monthly fee no matter how many calls you make – regardless of whether they’re local or long-distance. This is a great boon for companies that generate high volumes of domestic calls. Since plans can be adjusted on an as-needed basis, it’s also great for companies that have seasonal spikes in activity.

International Calling Charges Are Reduced

Since VoIP uses existing internet infrastructure, hosting companies don’t have to use expensive proprietary telephone networks to get calls across borders. Therefore, the cost of calling internationally is significantly reduced. For companies that routinely deal with overseas suppliers or customers, this factor can result in major savings.

Remote Access is Enabled

With landline phones, someone who is out of the office must be dialed as if on an outside line. Customers calling the company can’t be redirected to these people, which leaves them with the frustration of having to leave a message and hope for a call back.

Hosted VoIP eliminates this difficulty. All you need to do is enter your reps’ cell numbers into the system, and calls coming to the office can be seamlessly redirected to them. Customers will never know that the representative isn’t in the office. This also keeps employees’ cell or personal landline numbers private. Together, these factors combine to provide everyone with a smooth and businesslike experience.

These are just some of the many benefits you and your company will gain by switching from landlines to hosted VoIP telephones and PBX systems. Once you decide to make the switch, all you’ll need to do is decide on a service provider. Our site,, lists the pros and cons of a wide range of VoIP companies so that you can easily find out which ones have the features you need at the prices you want. Just check out our latest reviews and then sign up with the company that perfectly matches your requirements.

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