Calculating Whether VoIP is the Right Technology for Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) continues to grow in businesses around the world for telecommunication efficiency. Regardless, many of those businesses do their homework before committing since getting the most out of VoIP depends on your business structure. While all businesses benefit in one form or another using VoIP, you still need to audit your company. Once you do, you can determine which VoIP features could benefit you in the best ways.

The top benefit many companies enjoy is saving money in no longer having to go through telephone companies. VoIP payment works strictly through a flat rate every month rather than charging for long-distance calls and general service.

This should already be an easy calculation for you in making a VoIP decision. No matter the size of your business, you obviously need to always save money.

Now it’s time to look a little more substantially into your business, including what you need to make VoIP work efficiently. Plus, you should examine business situations where enhanced telecommunications could make you more competitive.

What Kind of Bandwidth Do You Have?

The key to having effective VoIP is how good your Internet line is. In other words, what kind of bandwidth you have in your company matters in how much quality you get in your VoIP service.

Basically, if you make a lot of calls collectively at a time, the more bandwidth you’ll need. Your VoIP provider already conducts a test when they come to set up service. The test is a Mean Opinion Score where your bandwidth quality gets a rating of 1 to 5. The lower the score, the more bandwidth you’ll need to maintain the best of what VoIP offers.

How Many Employees Work Outside the Office?

If you have a BYOD policy in place, you probably have numerous employees working out in the field now. Yet, how large is your cell phone bill if you have staff using mobile devices for primary communication? With all the minutes places on your cell phone plan, the bill is likely hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

VoIP is a perfect choice for companies with employees working out of the office. Since VoIP works through the cloud, you can easily connect with one extension on any mobile device. You’re not charged by the minute, which means employees can still use their mobile devices with the VoIP service without fees.

With this superior telecommunication capability, employees can work out of their home and still stay in contact with the home office. Even better is they can easily reach customers, and vice versa. No more do customers have to call the office to reach an employee about a business matter.

What Kind of Business Projects Are You Working On?

There isn’t any question the business world is more competitive than it ever has been. As a result, you probably have to work on various competing business projects to stay ahead of the game. Using a landline phone for all communication, though, is virtually useless.

Through analog phone systems, you can’t connect well on a real-time and collective basis with multiple employees. VoIP technology lets you create a universal telecommunications system employing various digital features. Through voice and video conferencing, you can connect with all of your employees together by phone.

Voice messages get sent to the cloud so employees can play them anywhere Internet is. This helps you relay business ideas in real-time without having to wait to connect with an employee who’s gone for a week.

It’s important to find the right VoIP service for your company after successfully answering the questions above.

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