Can Business VoIP Really Improve Your Company’s Communication?

Business VoIP is often touted mostly as a way to save money on your company’s telephone costs. Some, however, say that it has benefits that go beyond the accounts payable line in your books. They say that business VoIP actually improves communication. How can it do this?

It Allows for Much More Mobility

One of the biggest downsides to business telephones has always been their tethered nature. With a landline, you miss the call if you aren’t near your desk. You can even miss a call by being on the other side of your own building! Attempting to reroute calls to a different phone number, such as the one for your cell phone, is problematic with landline services. They may charge significant fees for each rerouted call, and even worse, often can’t keep up if you need routing to a variety of numbers during the day.

Business VoIP providers are at the technological forefront, so they have eliminated the clunky nature of landline call routing systems. Calls that come to you can be rerouted to any number you like without onerous extra costs. Not only that, if you want to change the destination number, all you have to do is log onto your VoIP account and enter the new information. The change immediately takes effect.

Changes Can be Made Quickly

With landlines, making changes is usually a cumbersome process. At the very least, you have to call a service number, sit on hold for minutes or even longer, and then explain what you want to the phone company’s representative. The rep may decide that now is a good time to increase her commissions, so you might be subjected to an unwanted sales pitch when you do this. Finally, the change will be scheduled to go into effect – sometimes days after you put in your order.

Business VoIP providers don’t put you through any of this. For almost all changes, all you need to do is log into your account, enter the new information on the right screen, and hit save. This isn’t just for call rerouting! You can add or remove extension numbers, change which plan features you’ve signed up for, increase or decrease the minutes in your plan, and more. Because of this, you can easily keep up with changes to your communication needs and prevent snafus.

It Makes Ending Busy Signals an Affordable Goal

This is an area in which affordability, ease of use, and technology all come together. With VoIP, you have a number of options that allow you to eliminate the dreaded busy signal from your customers’ call-in experience. Route calls to available representatives, send them to receptionists for personalized handling, or even route calls to different branches according to time zone. If all of your branches are closed or everyone is busy, you can have the system activate its voice mail to take a message.

Most landline companies would charge very hefty fees to activate all of these features. VoIP providers, on the other hand, do so for very affordable rates.

It Lets You Choose Features One-by-One

One of the best things about VoIP plans is the ability to get each feature as a standalone option. Because of this, you’re able to get options that would be parts of unaffordable suites if offered by landline companies. Just choose what you want and you’re set – there’s no need to pay for anything you won’t use.

All of these benefits and more will help your company add the communication features it needs and save money at the same time. To learn more about them and how to get set up with VoIP, just contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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