Can VoIP Save Your Corporate Budget? Ways to Stay Connected with Affordable Technology

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, but you keep hearing a nagging question from some of your superiors: “Can VoIP save our corporate budget?” We assure you can answer in the affirmative, even if those who have no experience with VoIP probably think it’s expensive.

We’re all automatically trained to think any technology making business life easier is going to cost a fortune. The reason is because it’s mostly the truth, other than some rare exceptions. VoIP is the rare piece of telecommunications technology that doesn’t cost as much as some think.

If you’re perplexed how this works, then consider one thing about VoIP: It doesn’t involve a load of physical equipment. This already cuts costs tremendously if you’re still using landline phones for all your business communications.

Then consider another truism about VoIP: You only pay flat rates per month, at least from the best providers. Flat rates don’t exist through phone companies who keep raking in profits because they charge heavy-duty fees. Plus, this doesn’t include long-distance charges from international calls you’re making as your company grows.

More than that, using a quality VoIP service for your phone system helps you get connected easier, which cuts costs even more in valuable ways. Let’s look at the technological aspects of VoIP and how it can finally save your corporate budget if phone companies perpetually exasperate you.

Cutting the Costs of Travel

VoIP works mostly in the cloud, so all your phone data gets stored in a monitored cloud server. With your entire phone system existing in the cloud, you can connect to employees and customers in ways you never have before. Thanks to teleconferencing and video conferencing abilities through most VoIP providers, you can talk to anyone in the world wherever you have an Internet connection.

Voice conferencing has been around a while, though quality was always the issue in its early days. Technical improvements now make it sound like someone is right there in the room with you. The same goes for improved video conferencing ability where better video definition means holding entire business meetings without fuzzy imagery or freezes.

All of this saves you on travel time if you have to travel overseas considerably for business meetings. No more do you need to coordinate an office meeting, which is perhaps impossible with everyone out in the field at one time or another.

Making Your Employees More Productive Out of the Office

When your employees use VoIP, they can go anywhere and still stay connected to your company headquarters. They can even stay connected with customers through call forwarding features and better voice messaging systems.

Allowing your employees to stay home saves them money on driving, and it helps them stay more productive in the long run. Even if you think this doesn’t save your corporate budget, it does. Getting more work done faster can lead to more customer leads and critical projects being done ahead of time.

Setting a More Personal Connection with Customers

Since all your call data is in the cloud, you can store data about customers there and tap into it immediately when they call your company. Customers will appreciate you having all info at your fingertips rather than putting them on hold as you try to find specific data.

As a result, you’ll have customers placing more trust in you and appreciating the more professional way you handle calls. VoIP provides other handy technology like call assistants to help customers find their way to the proper departments without hold times.

With more customer loyalty, you’ll start making more profits and won’t have to adhere to strict budgets.

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