Cloud-Based VoIP Gets Cited by Experts as the Best Option for Small Businesses

That arcane term and acronym of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) probably keeps recurring in your head after hearing so much about it. If it still sounds mystifying to you, it’s really one of the greatest pieces of technology available today for telecommunications. It also works in tandem with another masterful technology: the cloud.

Basically, VoIP is your entire phone system reconfigured through your Internet line. It does have a couple of differences, though. Some VoIP systems are on-premise, and others are strictly cloud-based.

It’s VoIP platforms in the cloud that get the highest recommendation recently. Experts say those with small businesses stand to gain the greatest benefits using cloud business VoIP.

The reasons are exponential, but you need to learn some of the essential reasons so you realize the money and time you can save if you have a small business. Because you likely operate on a limited budget already, you’ll love the features of cloud VoIP to get rid of the burden of maintaining physical phone equipment.

The Excellence of the Cloud

Even though the cloud has had its share of misconceptions in the last few years, it’s really the greatest storage tool in the world with proper management. Having it work with VoIP allows you to have access to data immediately without delays or any fear of being destroyed.

Cloud convenience makes VoIP setup all the easier because it’s all done through your online portal. Any phone equipment (usually headsets) get mailed to you to eliminate technicians coming to your office to wire up dozens of phones.

Analog phones have probably given you plenty of headaches because of how much maintenance they need as well as constant upgrades. Plus, if you’ve relied on a regular phone company for years, you’re aware of all the added fees and outrageous long-distance rates.

VoIP finally gets you away from phone companies with just a flat rate per month.

More Remote Employees

A VoIP system with the cloud can enable you to finally get your small business staff out of the office to communicate with mobile devices. You’ve probably already done this, though you’ve had to put up with the high fees of cell phone companies.

As your employees continue to do more calls away from the office, overage fees on your cell phones can become more expensive than the standard phone bills. Fortunately, you can use your mobile devices without having those large fees. VoIP through the cloud lets you link up mobile devices so everyone can easily communicate with fellow employees or customers without racking up expensive charges.

Your employees may prefer working from home more often, and now they can without missing customer calls. The cloud helps set up one number so customers can call your employees anywhere they are. It works conversely so customers aren’t placed on hold, or have to deal with long hold times.

More Efficient Upgrades and Integration

All those analog phones you still use need upgrading at least once or twice a year. After so many years of this, you’ve no doubt grown tired of the expense and time taken for maintenance. With cloud VoIP, you have no equipment to worry about, which means all maintenance and upgrades occur through your Internet line.

The best VoIP services have a dedicated team working remotely to give you upgrades when it’s necessary. They can also provide other integration when you need it, including desk phones, mobile, or softphones.

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