Cloud VoIP – New Deal with GoDaddy and FreedomVoice

VoIP services come in different forms, and services connected to the cloud are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. If you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of using the cloud for storing general business data, you may find just as much efficiency choosing a cloud VoIP service. When you move your phone systems to the cloud, you bring better security, scalability, and savings to how you conduct calls.

Perhaps you’ve been reluctant, though, out of thought cloud VoIP isn’t mainstream enough. Things will soon change with a recent merger to help cloud-based VoIP become more available to smaller businesses.

Recently, small business domain host GoDaddy paid $42 million to acquire FreedomVoice, which is a digital phone service offering their platform through the cloud.

The deal opens new doors for small businesses who may have bulked at VoIP out of fear of cost. It’s maybe been your own concern if you run a small business still in growth stage.

So what does this above merger mean for cloud VoIP services? Also, what kind of features can you expect through their service and others like it?

Putting the Fear of Cost to Rest

As a small business, you probably worry every day about the cost of everything. New technology isn’t always cheap, though you do have exceptions. As a newcomer to VoIP, you maybe don’t realize how inexpensive it is. While rates vary by provider, you generally pay just a flat rate per month for many outstanding features.

Cloud-based VoIP platforms might sound expensive, but they generally use the same flat-rate system. This can work incredibly well when you start getting an influx of call data and need to store it in a safe location. Plus, the cloud is easily scalable when you get a sudden business growth surge.

With this in mind, it’s time to seek cloud VoIP services without fear and see what other features await you.

What Will the GoDaddy/FreedomVoice Merger Bring in Features?

A true advantage to small businesses taking advantage of the above acquisition is it brings some features you’ll frequently find through other VoIP providers. One of the most notable is the ability to create a custom cloud number you can route to any mobile device.

Otherwise known as creating extensions, this feature has a special design just for the small business. The latter still hasn’t been able to enjoy this feature as much as larger companies have. It’s a truly great tool when your employees prefer working from home or need to work in the field.

Now they can set up their mobile devices for incoming or outgoing calls using a designated number. Customers or business associates can call into your employees, and your workers can call out for sales.

Without requiring everyone to come to the office every day, you’ll already saving money for your business and your workers.

However, since this allows an entire voice over IP system for small offices, features aren’t limited when combined with the cloud.

Cloud VoIP as Security

No doubt you and your staff worry about disasters and what could happen to your small business as a result. Using a cloud VoIP service, you’ll have all call data stored securely with 24/7 monitoring. If something happens, you can go to another location with an Internet connection and get your phone service back into operation immediately.

Since you don’t use physical equipment with any VoIP platforms, you’re saved having to use bulky and expensive landline phones.

Because the cloud brings universal telecommunications, you’ll be able to connect with customers and employees in ways you never dreamed just a short time ago.

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