Does Business VoIP Call Quality Suck, or What?

Finding a VoIP service for small to medium business has to mean finding a top quality provider in order to stay on top of demands. While this starts with having superior Internet service to make VoIP function well, it also means having excellent sound quality.

With so many VoIP providers out there, how do you know which one has the best quality features? It requires too much time to vet these providers on your own, though it isn’t necessary. We can help you find the right providers through

Using our services, you’ll find providers who focus on giving you quality across the board. It’s time you took sound quality seriously with your phone service since your regular phone company has likely reneged on this for years.

Even your cell phone service no doubt has variances in sound quality, which can become frustrating when relying on it in the field.

Let’s look at how VoIP amends this through various situations. While some VoIP providers are better than others, here’s what you can expect in both audio and video quality.

Finding the Right Equipment for the Best Audio

Business 2 Community pointed out this last year that you need to study various aspects of your provider to determine how good voice quality is. What kind of hardware and software configurations do they have that could enhance or lessen audio capability?

They may also use specific network devices or setups to help. Either way, make sure the VoIP provider you plan to work with uses top industry standards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to scope out these issues. Otherwise, you may have to suddenly switch to another provider when you’re far too busy to.

Phone Call Quality

It’s important to check your Internet line quality first before acquiring VoIP. This can matter significantly in how good your phone audio is. However, many providers give you enhanced digital systems that improve the sound to a point where you’ll swear someone was in the room with you.

The best providers let you get crystal clear sound through your wireless headset. Having this available lets you be able to talk to a customer or associate in privacy while sounding like they’re standing next to you.

This immediately prevents audio dropouts and muffled sound you’ve likely put up with for years through a landline phone.

Audio Through Extensions

Since many providers now let you create phone number extensions on mobile devices, you can keep in contact with your employees at all times when they’re out of the office. Sometimes you’ll be sharing ideas that require reliable audio so you clearly understand one another.

Most VoIP providers give you superior sound, even though your existing smartphones. No more do you have to worry about your cell phone service causing breakups from so-called “dead zones.”

Audio in Voice and Video Conferencing

Now that conferencing capability is becoming much more standard through VoIP, the sound quality on each is more important than ever. Audio conferencing is always excellent through most providers, and this matters when you have more than several people joining you in an audio chat.

The same goes for video conferencing, something you’re seeing more of through VoIP services. Video quality has certainly improved tenfold in just the last few years. Yet, audio through video conferencing is obviously just as vital to maintaining a flow of ideas.

All it takes is just a slight downgrade in sound quality to misunderstand someone’s comment. It’s all the more reason to consider VoIP and not rely on the variables of landline systems.

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