Essentials to Look For in Hosted PBX Services for Business

Replacing your business phone landlines or PBX system with a VoIP hosted PBX system has many obvious benefits. It’s easy to set up new extensions and get rid of old ones, you don’t have to do a big wiring project, and you can access your business phone system from many locations. Most providers, however, go beyond providing a basic business phone. Like landline companies, they can offer a lot of extras. Here are some of the standard perks to look for:


There will always be times when more people are calling in than there is personnel to handle them. Every businesses phone needs a hold feature so that these callers can wait on the line instead of getting a busy signal. All top business VoIP providers offer this basic necessity.

Call Transfer

This is another business phone necessity. Even when every employee has an extension, there is a need to be able to transfer calls. Some callers won’t know the extension and will have to be switched over by the receptionist. There will also be situations where a caller is already talking to one person but ends up needing to be switched to another for a different matter or to get a better answer to the first one. In all of these cases, call transfer allows the switching to be done in an efficient, professional manner.

Call Forwarding

Landline call forwarding typically only works if the calls are sent to another landline. With hosted VoIP, there should be no such limitation. Providers offer the ability to forward calls to any phone. This allows you and your staff to take company calls from their cell phones anywhere they happen to be. They can also have calls forwarded to their home numbers, remote offices, or any other such location.

Call Blocking

Not every call that comes into a business is wanted. Kids can get your number and decide to make repeated prank calls, obsessed exes may blow up your phone trying to get through to a particular employee, and some other companies may get the idea that calling all the time is some kind of a good idea. VoIP providers make it easy to block these pesky, time-consuming calls at your account dashboard. Desirable calls will not be affected.

Outbound Call Control

Do you worry that your employees are using their phone system to chat away the time with friends? If this is a concern, choose one of the VoIP providers that offer outbound call control. This feature makes it so that only certain numbers may be called through the system.

On-Demand Call Recording

Many companies record calls for training or to make sure that employees are projecting the proper professional attitude. Join them by choosing one of the VoIP companies that offer this as one of their services. You’ll be saved from having to buy recording equipment or training people in its use.

Seven-Digit Dialing

Most PBX systems, hosted or not, require users to dial a specific number before making an outbound call. Most people get used to this fairly quickly, but some find it annoying. If you want to get rid of this requirement, choose the company that offers seven-digit dialing. Then you can use your hosted business PBX just like a regular telephone.

These are just some of the many features offered by hosted VoIP PBX companies that cater to businesses. Not all businesses need every feature, but it’s important to make sure that a service provides the ones you do require. To see a handy chart of who offers what, just contact us or visit our site. This will make it easy to find the VoIP provider that perfectly meets your company’s needs.

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