We know choosing a PBX provider is an important decision for your business, so we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the most up-to-date information for this review on eVoice. Drawing from numerous eVoice reviews as well as the company’s website, our review is designed to help you get an idea of whether eVoice is the right phone provider for you.

eVoice is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Virtual PBX without the fluff. It is designed to automatically route calls to any predetermined location (think home, office, mobile phone, etc.). Moreover, the service is capable of sending voicemail to email, transcribing voice messages and screening callers — making it easy to work from anywhere.

Customers are given a virtual eVoice phone number — local or toll-free options are available — and can customize how incoming calls will be directed to best need their business needs.

As a basic PBX service, eVoice does not include value-added services such as internet faxing or call queuing. However, customers can use the eVoice mobile app to view voicemail and text messages, forward calls, and screen unwanted numbers. Other eVoice features include:

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  • The Pros

    • Around-the-clock customer service: Previously, there had been concerns in eVoice reviews about the capabilities of the customer service department. However, to raise quality and to provide optimal coverage, eVoice now offers 24-hour US-based customer support. This includes a comprehensive online FAQ section and after-hours call routing.
    • Three easy-to-understand calling plans: eVoice phone plans come in 1000-, 2000- and 4000-minute options, with prices ranging from $29.99 to $79.99 per month. The cheapest of the three plans allows for five users, 15 numbers and unlimited extensions, and each price upgrade adds an additional 5 users and 15 numbers. A service called eVoice Lite is also available, which comes in at $12.99 per month for 300 minutes, 2 users, 6 number and unlimited extensions. No matter which plan you choose, a free 30-day trial (with limitations) is available to help you make sure it’s the right one for you.
    • A user-friendly call interface: Each calling platform includes access to necessary features such as toll-free calling numbers, call routing, US and Canadian local numbers, voicemail to text, multiple extensions, automated attendants, call recording, mobile applications, etc.
    • Call conferencing: eVoice allows for conference calls of up to 95 participants, but prospective business customers should be aware that calls are charge per minute, per participant.
    • eVoice mobile app: The eVoice app puts control squarely in front of the service’s customers. Clients can use the eVoice app to screen unwanted numbers, view messages left via voicemail or text, and forward calls. The eVoice app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.
  • The Cons

    • Limitations on free trials: While each plan does technically offer a free trial, the trials for toll-free numbers are restricted to 855,866,877 and 888 numbers. Anyone wanting to use an 800-number will need to pay for a paid platform from the get go.
    • Limited features: As expected with most of the ‘basic’ PBX systems, eVoice only offers the most common calling features. Meaning that users will not have the option of call queuing, online faxing or web calling.
    • Troubles recording voice messages: In order to add recorded messages, users must first use a recording software (of their own choosing) and then upload their greeting into the eVoice system – or pay for a professional greeting.
  • The Plan

    Every plan offered by eVoice comes with a no obligation 30-day free trial, however, these trials are limited to the number of available minutes in the plan being trialed. All plans are month-to-month, and do not include contracts or cancelation fees.

    300 minutes – $9.95/ mth

    • A maximum of two extensions
    • 9 cents per minute after the first 300
    • Includes local or toll-free number options

    500 minutes – $19.95/mth

    • A maximum of three extensions
    • 9 cents per minute after the first 500
    • VIP support and setup
    • Includes local or toll-free number options, with 1-800
    • Number porting

    1000 minutes – $29.95 / mth

    • A maximum of five physical extensions with unlimited virtual extensions
    • 9 cents per minute after the first 1000
    • VIP support and setup
    • Both a local or toll free number
    • Vanity number (setup fee applies)


eVoice provides a fair amount of business-enhancing features designed to help businesses strengthen their professional image while optimizing efficiencies and driving strong customer satisfaction. The phone system is customizable, allowing users to tailor the solution to best meet their needs, and offers a greater degree of flexibility than the systems of many leading competitors, according to eVoice reviews. Unfortunately, many recent eVoice reviews have given the company an overall negative rating for various reasons.

Also on the downside, many potential customers are swayed by the higher than normal per-minute calling charges. Companies failing to closely monitor usage may find themselves unpleasantly surprised by costly bills at the end of the month. That, combined with the limited availability of customer service as noted in some eVoice reviews, may make it necessary to proceed with caution.

Overall Rating 4.0

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