Financial Benefits of Virtual PBX

We’ve recently written a virtual PBX buyers guide blog telling you how simple the technology is to set up and use. While this may have convinced you to finally switch your company from using landline phones to a digital system, you probably want to know what the direct financial benefits are. After all, when you look at the details of working with phone companies, you start to see that a lot of money has already gone out the window.

The most noticeable angle to the above is when you start growing your business internationally. When business growth happens, international sales calls are inevitable, and perhaps many of them a day. It’s no different for domestic long-distance calls.

Your phone company never makes these type of calls affordable, and some long-distance rates go up to $1.50 a minute or more. Even prepaid monthly plans aren’t necessarily cheap, despite so many phone companies claiming it’s affordable.

When you’re making hundreds of international phone calls a day, it could add up to several hundred dollars on your regular phone bill. This doesn’t include notoriously unexpected fees.

Virtual PBX immediately eliminates your reliance on phone companies and their excessive charges. However, you need to know about several other financial benefits you’ll start to notice in the first month of using a virtual PBX system.

When put together, you’ll be astounded at how much money you could save throughout 2016 and beyond.

Eliminating the Cost of Physical Equipment

How many years have you had to deal with setting up physical landline phones in every department? No matter if you and your employees find it routine after so many years, the cost of phone equipment is likely steep. One reason is because you have to upgrade those phones often. You’ve probably had to upgrade at least once a year, giving you an unneeded annual expense.

Don’t forget the extra charges required by your phone company to get all those phones set up, which could take a full business day. Those kind of disruptions can cause downtime, which is money you can’t get back.

Virtual PBX has no excessive equipment since it operates in the cloud. The most equipment you’ll have are phone headsets, and those take up little room with virtually no expense.

No Expensive Maintenance Required

Paying for maintenance on those landline phones has probably been a major thorn in the side for years. When things go wrong at the worst possible moments, waiting for a technician to come fix it can bring even more downtime and added maintenance costs.

It’s overwhelming thinking about how much money could get lost in these scenarios. Because virtual PBX systems are in the cloud, you have a dedicated team already watching out for you. If any technical mishaps occur, monitoring catches it before you even notice anything.

This should give you peace of mind when you have a sudden influx of calls and don’t know whether a server or the equipment can hold up.

Retaining Your Customers

The relational aspects to virtual PBX solution, your customers, and money is something you perhaps haven’t equated enough. Consider that a quality digital phone system gives you a more professional edge with customers, including connecting with them easier through multiple extensions. Employees can even reach them when out in the field or at home.

Better customer service with your customers only breeds more trust in your company. Those valuable employees you want to retain will stick by you so you won’t experience sudden desertions to your competitors.

As you can see, there’s more potential for savings than you think switching to virtual PBX in your company. With flat monthly rates besides, you still need to make a good, educated decision on a provider.

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