Five Things to Look for in a Virtual PBX Provider: From Features to Contract

Finding a quality virtual PBX provider is essential once you transition from landline phones to digital phones. If you’re just now learning about virtual PBX, it takes away the obtrusive phone equipment you had to deal with before and gives you phone service in the cloud. This means having easy access to internal call data and being able to easier connect everyone in your company.

Not all providers of virtual PBX are created equal, though. The best providers give you a well-rounded list of benefits, technical features, and contract provisions to help your business grow comfortably.

In the age we’re living in where business is more competitive than ever, having better methods of communication is imperative. Virtual PBX gives you that capability and helps you stay ahead of the herd by having enhanced ways to connect with business associates or customers.

Take a look at five things to look for in a virtual PBX provider so you can acquire the right service for your company. Here at, we can help you make the best decisions with all VoIP technology.

The Right Features for Your Company

Virtual PBX has myriad features that can help bring amazing convenience to phone communication. However, you need to look and see which features you really need for your business structure. Some features will probably be must-haves, and others not as much.

While all virtual PBX services give you options on adding or eliminating certain features, find out what you truly need like multiple numbers for marketing purposes. Or, you may need more analytics on your calls to study sales leads, plus more efficient caller ID and call forwarding.

Make sure your provider doesn’t leave out useful features like multi-party conferencing, or PBX apps for mobile devices.

Offering Phone Service in Your Area

Not all virtual PBX providers provide service for your business number. Make sure they do and not just restricted local areas. You also want to find out how many cities the provider covers if your company has various locations throughout one state (or several states).

Down the road, you may want to expand your business, so knowing how far your PBX service reaches geographically is worth examining in your contract.

Charging You for Separate Lines

This practice is a bit outdated in the age of VoIP technology, yet you still find some virtual PBX providers charging you for extra lines. There isn’t any need for it because there aren’t any physical lines used with PBX systems. It’s only a money grab opportunity, and you should move on immediately if your contract demands extra charges.

Checking Other Provisions in Your Contract

Some virtual PBX systems out there want to lock you in to their service long-term without making it clear in their contract. Always read your service contract carefully, because it could have various provisions you may miss.

Check to see if you have to renegotiate your contract if you expand your business. Plus, look out for cancellation fees, which is always a problem with many tech services and can end up being unexpectedly expensive.

Don’t forget to ask if the provider has money-back guarantees as well if you don’t like the service.

Tech Support System

Having proper tech support for any service tells you a lot about the service quality you’ll have. It’s important you check to see what kind of support your virtual PBX provider gives you so you can quickly solve any technical issue. You never want downtime using your PBX system since having phone systems down for just a few hours could cost you more than you think.

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