Five9 vs inContact- Contact Center Comparison

Both Five9 and inContact offer contact center software and service you can use for your inbound and outbound calling. If your business needs call center solutions, either vendor provides the essential services and functionality your business likely needs. There are a lot of similarities between these two companies. There are, however, important differences as well.

Contact Centers Can:

  • Help you create your own call center or contact center
  • Keep business communications costs down
  • Present a professional and successful image to customers
  • Help your business become more competitive

Contact centers hosted in the cloud can help your business gain call center functionality without spending an exorbitant sum on equipment, becoming responsible for extensive security of your entire system or otherwise accepting the task of building and managing a contact center on your own. You can take advantage of your vendor’s expertise in managing call centers or contact centers and outsource part of the functionality of your system.

In this article, we will compare and contrast the two services so that you can find the contact center service you need. You can find out more about the features and functionality they offer. We will also address some common questions and provide added information about hosted call centers.

In this Article:

  1. What’s a Contact Center?
  2. Five9 and inContact Contact Centers
  3. Five9 vs inContact Features
  4. Which Contact Center Service is Right for My Business?
  5. Top Contact Center Tips and Tricks

1. What’s a Contact Center?

A contact center is very similar to a call center. In everyday conversation, the two terms are almost interchangeable. Call centers, though, are primarily about phones and phone calls. Contact centers deal with other forms of communication too, and their name reflects that.

  • Call Center–A call center handles inbound and outbound calls. They use either a traditional plain old telephone system (POTS) or a voice over IP system (VoIP) to communicate via phone. A private branch exchange (PBX) may be used to help manage call traffic, alongside other computer and software systems. The call center can have onsite equipment or use a vendor-provided cloud hosting service to provide the equipment and software necessary for operations.
  • Contact Center–A contact center calls and answers inbound calls, communicates via test message, email, chat and other communication mediums. Communication is not restricted to one or two modes and is generally transmitted using VoIP service. Contact centers are also frequently cloud hosted, but may also (or alternatively) use onsite equipment and software.

Your contact center can be in the cloud, simplifying the process of getting established and maintaining your service.

2. Five9 and inContact Contact Centers

In this article, we are comparing contact center solutions from Five9 and inContact so you have some of your homework already done. Both of these companies have a lot in common, and both allow you a great degree of flexibility in the services you sign up for and the features you have available to your business.


This vendor focuses on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and larger businesses that want a cloud hosted solution for their contact center that is customizable and user-friendly but also feature-packed. Their pre-designed software platforms and integrations can help you get a contact center up and running quickly with the features your business is looking for. They can help you decide what types of software you need to manage your contact center. With a subscription model, everything is accessible and you are not locked in with the costs of equipment and other startup costs that you could incur with onsite service.


With inContact, you have the scalable service you need to build your business and access the right services for your enterprise. The inContact team will work with you to come up with the solutions you need to keep your business contact center on track. They can help with inbound and outbound call centers. With custom software, inContact allows you to use a system that is very tightly integrated together. Your CRM, IVR and ACD are all carefully designed to work well with your contact center systems. With many different integrations available, you also have plenty of access to features and added functionality.

3. Five9 vs inContact Features

With either system, you have access to a broad range of great features. In a sense, these two offer very similar services.

Features with Both:

  • Dialer System–Both services allow you to automatically electronically from a list.
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)–Both systems are able to route calls and send them to best agents.
  • Survey Customers–After a call, customers can indicate how happy they are with your service.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)–Voice recognition software can help screen callers so you can have the correct department and agent provide service.
  • Outbound, Inbound and Combined Calls–Both Five9 and inContact can help with inbound, outbound calls and both types of calling, if needed.
  • Workforce Management–Software to help with workforce management is available with both contact center vendors.
  • Onscreen Pop-ups–The data your agents need during calls with customers comes up onscreen so agents have everything they need at a glance.
  • Workforce Optimization–You can get software to help with optimizing your contact center workforce.

The two companies also have differences. For instance, inContact may have more in-house integrations but fewer social media integrations than Five9. These are usually minor differences that do not really impact the functionality of your system much, unless your business relies heavily on particular platform integrations that one company or the other has.

4. Which Contact Center Service is Right for My Business?

The right contact center service for your business may depend on what you need, your budget, your existing system and equipment. If your organization needs specific integrations, you may want to ask each vendor what they have for your particular system or do your own research to find out if they can help with your specific needs.

Before you choose a contact center service, be sure to make a. list of features and functionality that you find the most useful and helpful for your business. You may need to think about how you choose to communicate with your customers, for example. If you need particular social media platforms, for instance, that may factor into your decision. Both services offer very similar customized contact center service, with added features and services depending on what your business needs.

5. Top Contact Center Tips and Tricks

If you are establishing a contact center, particularly if you are using a cloud service, then you may want to try these tips and tricks for a more successful experience:

  1. If you have your own workforce, be sure to provide agents with plenty of opportunities to learn better skills and etiquette.
  2. Give agents a chance to look at recent metrics and get a better idea of how well they are performing.
  3. Use checklists as you monitor calls and look for every key part of the call, then check it off as you go.
  4. Consider hiring remote agents, so you are not restricted to the talent pool in your local area.
  5. Screen your new hires carefully, even if you need to quickly ramp-up your hiring. Do not skimp on the hiring process even if you are filling seasonal positions, because this can negatively impact your quality and customer service.

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