With its chief focus being on the delivery of business-grade VOIP phone solutions, Fonality is widely known as a leading contender in the digital communications sphere. They have been featured in various key publications, such as TMC, IP Contact Center and Golden Business Bridge.

  • The Pros

    Fonality has created a solid business model around the provisioning of feature-rich VoIP communications platforms to businesses of all sizes. The service model offered can be categorized in two distinct classifications:

    • Premise-based communications
    • Cloud-based communications

    This functionality presents Fonality with a serious advantage over competitors only offering a single solution and allows customers to choose whichever option best suits their telecom needs, budget and business.

    In order to take advantage of either system it is necessary to first obtain a quote for a tailored VOIP service solution. Service in the cloud are available for as low as $30 / mth, and premise-based services can be obtained at a base amount of $25 / mth (with a downpayment.) The VOIP solutions offered by this company can scale quickly and with minimal interruptions.

    VOIP phones and other hardware can be included with Fonality’s managed solution, and a highly advanced web administration portal provides access to each of the calling tools and features. Modification of the system can be done quickly without the need for any special scripting or complex installation protocols.

    Regardless of whether or not the system is on-premise or hosted, features and options can be added or removed to create a unique communications platform.

    Fonality systems offer 40+ features, including:

    • Call queue monitoring
    • Visual voicemail
    • Call forwarding
    • SMS
    • Mobile app for Android and iOS (license required)

    To achieve greater customization and functionality, the system can be installed to an insight PBX which will allow for access to every feature available and provide much greater system control.

  • The Cons

    For customers looking for simplified pricing, it will be difficult to locate any sort of flat fee model without getting a qualified quote. While it is easy to find baseline prices, rates have a tendency to increase as users, equipment and connections are added. This means that there is no way to quickly gauge the true cost of a customized phone solution.

    Given the advanced features and high-technical configuration options, using the premise-based system without having someone onsite who has a basic understanding of networking is not advised. For example, smaller businesses that utilize computer systems for little more than bookkeeping, email and word processing, or social networking might not receive the kind of results they were looking for with this type of premise-based system.

  • The Plan

    Fonality provides feature-rich VoIP communications systems, available both in the cloud and on premise, to businesses of all sizes.

    • Limited availability of clear-cut pricing model, making it necessary to obtain a quote to determine the true cost.
    • Very extensive feature-set, comprised of nearly every unified communications application available.
    • Users have reported difficulty contacting and receiving replies from customer support.
    • In-depth documentation is available on the Fonality website.
    • Three communications solutions available: business phone, collaboration, and contact center.


Businesses requiring multiple communication methods will find that Fonality offers a true arsenal of features and options, as well as choices on how to be implementing the system. The primary issue, however, comes from the lack of fixed rate pricing.

Each solution offered presented businesses with very high call volumes with many great advantages, as well as the tools they need to collaborate, connect, exchange and monitor calls.

For companies that do not rely on heavy communications, there are much simpler solutions available.

Overall Rating 3.4

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