Four Industries Where VoIP is Vital

VoIP use is growing in both the corporate and residential sectors. And as the market expands, so does the subscriber base. Here’s a look at four different industries where VoIP is becoming increasingly vital.


Dentek is a leading manufacturer of oral care products that turned to VoIP to solve its communications problems. As the demand of supplying retailers Walmart and Target grew, Dentek found it increasingly difficult to keep up. The company’s staff was overwhelmed by server outages, lost voicemail and the need to place calls for service to their legacy phone provider. To solve these issues, Dentek turned to VoIP provider Fonality for a solution that unified phone calls, emails and messaging in a single interface. This solution enabled Dentek representatives to forward incoming calls to their personal mobile phones without giving out their personal numbers, making it easier to field calls. Meanwhile, the need for service calls fell due to being able to make adjustments from the central interface. For manufacturers, VoIP represents an ideal way to let sales representatives in the field keep in touch with their company’s main facility, says Smart Business’ Chelan David.

Financial Services

Most financial institutions have employees who are on the phone much of the day, with identical phone needs for each location, making VoIP with basic administrative functions an ideal solution, says David. Magnolia Bank, a community bank that has been in business for nearly a century, recently turned to VoIP. Placing a great emphasis on face-to-face communications, the bank had come to regard web conferencing as an essential tool in its offices. However, its IT coordinator felt that web conferencing wasn’t cost effective enough. A search for the most cost-effective solution resulted in a decision to adopt 3CX Web Meeting, a VoIP solution priced by the number of participants rather than a per-user cost. In addition to saving money, Magnolia Bank also realized other benefits from switching to VoIP, such as the ability to provide browser-to-browser conferencing without the need to download external plug-ins before beginning a session.

Healthcare Services

By using VoIP services, healthcare providers like Blue Ridge Health Care can cut costs and potentially pass the savings on to its customers. When it came time to upgrade its phone and voicemail services, the healthcare company found it was able to lower its bill by several thousand dollars a month by bundling those services with VoIP provider Windstream.

VoIP also offers the advantage of letting doctors communicate with colleagues in real time by using video a useful tool for training as well as advising on procedures. Additionally, VoIP systems can be configured to meet the security needs of healthcare providers.


Hotel Paradies in Switzerland was able to cut its phone bill in half while keeping its integrated digital services network intact by adopting a VoIP solution. In addition to cost cutting, VoIP brings the hospitality industry other benefits. These include the ability to perform multiple functions from a single device, the flexibility for staff to be available at all times and the ability to customize short numbers to perform key functions, such as requesting room service.

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