Listen to Wav Files for Free on Your Android Device

Voicemail to email is a great, time-saving feature to have with your voice over IP (VoIP) service. You cannot always be at the office to check your phone’s voicemail, and with VoIP you can check it remotely with this feature.

Every time you get a new voicemail, your message is sent to you as an email with a .wav file attachment. From there, replaying the voicemail is as simple as listening to your message by opening and playing the .wav attachment.

Motorola has advice on its site for smartphone users on how to play .wav audio files.

Android users, however, have an additional challenge if they plan to listen to voicemail messages this way using their smartphones or tablets. Your Android device may not like .wav files, so you would be stuck with attachments you cannot open and play directly on your device. Not every .wav file can be played on Android, which can make it challenging to access your voicemail files or play music and audiobooks. If you travel frequently or take your work on-the-go, this can be an even more frustrating experience.

There is a free solution, thankfully. A .wav files player allows you to listen to .wav files whenever you need to, and it is easy to download and begin using with Android.

  • Remote Wave Free — A free app for Android that plays .wav files. It opens directly, or you can open the app whenever you need to play a .wav file and choose a driver to read the audio file for your system.

In this article, we will talk about how to use Remote Wave Free to play .wav files freely on your Android device. This .wav files player will help you use your VoIP system more effectively as you are able to play .wav files on Android. It will make it much easier for you to listen to your voicemail and use your voicemail-to-email features. From there, you will probably just need to open these files directly when you read your email and choose the Remote Wave Free software to begin listening.

Article Contents:

  1. What are .wav files?
  2. Why Are .wav Files Not Android-Compatible?
  3. How to Listen To .wav Files on Android Free
  4. Other Alternatives
  5. Tips and Tricks for Your Android and VoIP System

You can access and download Remote Wave Free on Google Play.

1. What Are .wav Files?

Used for unprocessed or raw audio on Windows computer systems, .wav is a Microsoft and IBM audio format that can help the computer efficiently store sound, music or some other audio file. These files store data in packages together. Similar formats exist for Apple computers and other systems, although .wav files are compatible with Mac and Linux systems. You may need specific software, but you can generally play these files on non-Windows computers and other systems.

Android does not natively support .wav files, meaning if you are going to use your Android device to play .wav files, then you will need to obtain some sort of app that does support them and allows you to play .wav files on Android.

2. Why Are .wav Files Not Android-Compatible?

Some Android devices only support specific .wav formats, if at all. If your files are the wrong format, as can be the case with some free .wav files and other downloadable .wav files, then your Android device will reject them altogether.

Motorola phones, for example, may support .wav files with these properties:

  • Linear PCM
  • 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit (stereo only; mono files are not supported at all)
  • Logarithmic PCM
  • 8 bit
  • Two channels (stereo only)

There is no guarantee that your phone natively supports every .wav file without any issues or negative effects, so you may need a third party app or driver to enable your device to use .wav files. If you have any questions about your specific Android device and how to play .wav files on Android, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your smartphone or tablet with your questions. Sometimes, the manufacturer has knowledge base articles about how to play .wav files on Android, or you can call technical support and receive additional help. This is great for system-specific advice that you can begin using right away to play free .wav files.

3. How to Listen to .wav Files on Android Free

You will need to download Remote Wave Free, an Android app, to listen to .wav files for free on your Android device. This app can help you play your voicemail files or other types of .wav files, which is really nice if you enjoy listening to music, bringing audiobooks with you or using your Android phone to play other sounds, audio files, and free .wav files.

Remote Wave Free is available through Google Play as a free app download. Just pull up Google Play on your smartphone or tablet and begin downloading Remote Wave Free. From there, open the app by opening your .wav files on your Android device. You will see a popup with options for playing your .wav file. Choose “Remote Wave Free” to open the file. The file will begin playing because this app enables your Android device to play .wav files.

4. Other Alternatives

You may have a few other options for how to play .wav files, depending on your Android device and the apps you have available. Converting the .wav file to another format may help, although one of the effects of this is that it does require additional steps after the initial .wav file download. You could also try another app or site. Some of these apps do have a cost, however. There are a variety of different apps that can play .wav files or help you convert them to a different format, which may be easier to play on your device.

  • Mortplayer Music — This is another free app that plays .wav files on Android. You can download this on Google Play.
  • Poweramp Music Player — This app costs $5, but it does play .wav files on Android and it also has a clean interface that may make it easier to play the files you need.

If you choose to try converting your .wav files, you may need to upload them to a laptop or desktop computer, or you may need to obtain an app on Android that can help with the file conversion process. Either way, this requires more effort than simply downloading an app that reads .wav files and can play your files as soon as you click to download them. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a fast solution to the .wav problem with your Android device.

5. Tips and Tricks for Your Android and VoIP System

Being ready to use your Android device for voicemail, you can now do so much more with your smartphone. Follow these tips to get the most out of your system:

  • Save your emails in a folder to listen to later. Voicemail-to-email features send you your voicemail as an attachment. You can just save these messages together or have your email system file them away automatically into a separate folder to refer back to. Then, when you find time to review your messages, you have them all organized to quickly review.
  • Some VoIP services also offer voicemail-to-email transcription, so you can receive a complete text version of your message. That way, you can reduce the likelihood that you will miss important details listening to new messages.
  • There are many other third-party applications that can help you listen to .wav files on Android. Keep in mind that many of these cost money, but there are also free apps, too. You should experiment with a few different apps if you are concerned about interface, layout, and quality.

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