Getting the Most From VoIP & CRM Integration


Today’s customers expect high-quality personalized service from the brands they do business with. In fact, research shows that 55 percent of consumers will pay more in exchange for a guaranteed good customer experience, and 66 percent of consumers who changed brands did so as a result of poor service.

Many companies use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce and Zoho to enhance the customer experience and improve engagement. As standalone solutions they’re a wonderful tool, but when paired with a VoIP phone system they’re unbeatable.

Why integrate VoIP and CRM?

VoIP provider ShoreTel explains, ”VoIP allows businesses to make and receive calls over the internet, while CRM allows customer representatives, agents, sales teams, managers and others to access and use client information. Integration of VoIP and CRM can benefit businesses by streamlining processes.”

Modern VoIP phone systems make it possible for sales and marketing teams to make and receive local, long-distance or international calls from standard phones. Many providers also offer features that automatically forward incoming calls to mobile phones or applications that allow users to place or take calls right from their mobile phones. With VoIP services, you’re never out of touch with your customers.

CRM platforms help teams collect, curate and organize customer data at every point of contact, from lead generation to closing the final sale and beyond. “Customers are more easily and accurately segmented, their needs identified. And because the status of a company’s relationship with them is accurately tracked, companies can interact with them meaningfully at the right times, leading to more sales, faster sales and higher customer retention and satisfaction,” notes Econsultancy.

How can integrating VoIP and CRM help me?

When you pair a CRM with VoIP, you’re prepared to help customers before your phone even rings. You’re also armed with the data you need to close the sale and turn first-time callers into customers.

Land a lead

CRMs collect and collate a wealth of data teams can tap into and create new sales strategies. Use it to generate reports and drill down into analytics for greater insight into what attracts, motivates and retains your customers. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to landing leads, so be ready when it’s time to make that cold or warm call.

Close the deal

Sometimes it takes all hands on deck to close a deal. When the collaboration tools in a VoIP system are combined with lead nurturing and follow-up tools in a CRM, teams throughout an organization can stay agile and work together to seal a deal. Fonality’s Heads Up Display System is a great example of “one place to connect with everyone in your company as well as your customers and suppliers. In fact, recent studies show that a tool such as HUD can save employees up to two hours a day in productivity.”

Delight the customer

CRM platforms automate many of the tasks that are crucial to providing excellent customer service. Automating your mission critical workflows and business processes free sales teams to focus on customers instead of wasting time by manually logging inbound and outbound calls into the system. CRMs also feature a myriad of ways to capture customer contact notes, so you have comprehensive historical data on every return caller right at your fingertips before you even pick up the phone.

If you’ve been thinking about ways to bolster your customer experience management strategies, now is the time to see for yourself how integrating a CRM platform into your VoIP system can take your business to new heights.

By: Lisa McGreevy

Bio: Lisa Hoover McGreevy is a professional freelance journalist and blogger with more than 15 years experience covering enterprise products and services, brand marketing, and emerging technology. Lisa is based in Tampa, FL. Contact her at [email protected]

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